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my top 15 anime list what is some anime u all like? that u think should place top 10
6.guilty crown
8.Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho Tou
9.d grayman
10.soul eater
11.blue exorcists
12.full metal alchemist
13.code geass
14.chrome shelled rigos
15.death note

by gorge158
Written: 2 years ago

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i highly recommend people to watch ones on the list that they have never seen. I have watched them all and have to say they are really good. Not only that but its something u will want to watch over and over. although i have to say some of them should have been longer, a lot of things could have been done or added to make it longer and more enjoyable.

Posted by gorge158 2 years ago

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Posted by udlebroc 2 years ago

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Posted by soasond 2 years ago

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