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Naruto Manga chapter 577
I wonder what is going to happen in the next manga? Tsunade shows her true strength but it wasn't enough to stop madara

It seems Tsunade is going to die and other kages seem too exhausted to beat madara. Could they really beat madara?

I think the only way to beat madara right now is to stop Edo tensei jutsu So it is up to Itachi to somehow stop it. So, itachi has to face kabuto but situation looks worse because sasuke has followed him when Kabuto WANTS sasuke. I wonder what is going to happen? Any suggestions.

by kent0005
Written: 2 years ago

Blog Comments (1)

yay first...uh, ther will definetly be a battle between kabuto,sasuke, and itachi, but i don't know if sasuke will participate in it.maybe more uchiha secrets will be revealed through the battle, kabuto's secret weapon will be revealed(kabuto said it was his trump card besides edo tensei madara),and a kage will die. i don't believe the kages will easily defeat madara-i don't know how, but i feel like naruto should be the one to defeat madara. what i am wondering is what will tobi do? naruto has eliminated and defeated all of the controlled biju. tobi is in deep poo.

Posted by gzuzumaki 2 years ago