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my view so faaaarrrr...
ok, first of all, i am not sure if tsunade will die soon, but i am sure she will die at some point.i think another kage might die while standing up for her.(possibly raikage or gaara-sama?!?!???)itachi just lured sasuke into a trap. remember, kabuto told tobi that he would join him if he would hand over sasuke. tobi said ok, but after kabuto fufills his promise.i beleive kabuto wants to finish orochimaru's plans with sasuke, but in a different way. when tobi asked him want he wanted with sasuke, kabuto said,"i desire a young living uchiha...".also, during the war,kabuto tried to take naruto and bee for himself through nagato.anyways, i love itachi, but i feel like he's being a stupid-a** for luring sasuke into a trap. i mean, yah, i know its not itachi's fault that sasuke is a stuborn a**hole, but wouldn't he already know that sasuke is not gonna listen to him and follow him?!?!?!?!?!?!??wouldn't itachi know his brother's personality?

(i kinda find it weird with all the drama-rama going on, and anko is just lying there unconcious. when is kabuto gonna kill her?)

also, i find it weird that even though tobi can start operation tsuki no me, he is still trying to stop naruto. i mean, he already has some of the kurama chakra through ginkaku and kinkaku and the gyuuki chakra from the tentacle sasuke chopped off a long time ago. before sasuke left, tobi should've thrown sasuke at naruto once the biju he had were eliminated. this way, he could buy time in casting the moons eye plan jutsu.

i think kishi is starting to run out of ideas on how to end the manga.
and that kishi himself is trying to buy time.

what do you think?

by gzuzumaki
Written: 2 years ago

Blog Comments (2)

No comment with these. This is a story, we are just audiences and I personally think that its too early to evaluate the writer. Lets be patient and chill, enjoy naruto and hist quest to change the world.

Posted by uzumakimadara 2 years ago

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