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Naruto and One Piece Blog
Welcome to the Naruto One Piece Blog. Im Lightning-Chidori the creator and just wanted to give you a background. Use this blog to talk about stuff you think MIGHT HAPPEN, discuss what already happened,(Such as Tobi not being Madara, but we all guessed that anyways.) and what you know will happen.(Like a SPOILER.)Anyways, welcome to the blog and thanks for using it. Enjoy...

by Lightning-Chidori
Written: 2 years ago

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*first* (I hate when people feel like they have to say that..and thats the only thing they ever say)


what might happen in Naruto: Slug lady has her day numbered...

Posted by uchiha_kitten 2 years ago

LoL And technically i could've been first, like how I was in Pictures, (Naruto Manga 580 that I uploaded)but I don't gloat. Anyways, anyody got any spoilers for One Piece? And don't say Luffy's gunna find One Piece. That's just obvious. Oh and I'm pretty sure they ended the abridged version of One Piece on Adult Swim. i remember turning on the T.V. the last day my mom was in the hospital, and it said "One Piece final episode, Abridged" But yeah just saying if you want more sneek Peaks @ the end of the never ending (atleast for now) One Piece.

Posted by Lightning-Chidori 2 years ago

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Posted by ylheyltama 2 years ago

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Posted by Lightning-Chidori 2 years ago