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PS3 Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
Come an face me, i would love to see who is good an who's a joke on this game if anyones willing to add my PSN:


I dont do ranked matches so dont let my rank fool you. I simply dont have time to waste on the game all day so I just play with friends around my area an free matches online with people on my PSN.

by AdrianForge
Written: 3 years ago

Blog Comments (3)

Ok then you just booked yourself a fight. Look for Roman_Wins and your head will explode.

I already tuned up a few people on this site. LOL this will be fun.

Posted by roman727 3 years ago

Looking forward to it, though I warn you I dont go down so easy. I specialize in single battle but a team battle never hurt anyone, but my opponents anyways. I tend to get some lag online which contributes to my reason not to play ranked matches. Though I beat a guy down last night online lag an all.. was kinda sad.

I added you roman_wins accept an we can get this party goin whenever were both online. Though be warned i work 6 days a week so no telling when ill be around. Usually earlier in the daytime.

Posted by AdrianForge 3 years ago

Sounds like fun.

Posted by roman727 3 years ago