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Reasons why Tobi isn't Obito ...
First of all you guys are forgeting a essential part which is the fight between Tobi and Konan. So :
1) Tobi had 2 sharingas - one of them he lost by using izanagi and the second one is Obito's sharingan.
2) After leaving the cave and taking Obito's sharingan, Kakashi and Rin saw a huge mass of rocks falling upon Obito. I can barely think that he survived that.
3) Even if he survived I'm so fucking curious to know how the FUCK did he get so stong and how the FUCK did he heal so good his body even after the fight with Konan (where if you have seen his body is half intact) Maby Zetsu has to do with this...

And my next points is :
Where is the senju chakra that Tobi has ? (he is able to use the riinegan)
Why isnt he using his riinegan ?
Where the HEll does he find all that chakra to control the tailed beast and still fight with naruto ?

As for my opinion I think that Tobi is one of Zetsu's clones and he is using this Obito think just to deconcentrate Kakashi and the whole world (just like he did with Madara's name)

by deadgardian
Written: 2 years ago

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I'm betting its Madara's brother. aside from just a feeling. Madara seemed to know what was going on when he came back. He may be seriously old by now, but Tobi used that fan like Madara when he fought the hokage back in his prime. To top it off Obito wouldn't be that big or knowledgeable yet when the 9 tails attacked. However Madara's bro (I can't remember his name) gave his eyes to Madara. I don't think it ever said he died, and I also think orochimaru would have the corpse if he did, instead of just Madara's. Who's to say Madara's bro didn't just take or was given Obito's eye, since he didn't have any.

Posted by coalrymer 2 years ago