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What is going on with this site?!
I'm hearing multiple things. I'm hearing that the site has been cancelled or something? and i'm also hearing that the site will continue to run....what is going on?! can someone please answer my question?!

by naruto4497
Written: 1 year ago

Blog Comments (3)

WELL, do you honestly think the site can go on with no updates, no manga, no anime? i honestly do not. theres no admin trying to explain things, nothing. everyone just stopped caring. end of story, site dies and move on.

Posted by rickiex 1 year ago

Just go to Mangahere for manga updates, and google some place for the anime updates (I use Hulu since I have other things on there, but there are free places)

Posted by FadedDreams 1 year ago

I ain't been here in a while, Come back and I see the Manga is gone now..Another case of the dreaded CopyRight gestapo striking again. Well I still have the stuff up on my site, I just trashed those DMCA complaint things that was in my inbox and the threatening messages from my site but my problem is I don't have one of those Manga reader things like they had on Mangastream, I can only post them as pics. If someone knows where I can get one of them Manga viewer things I could add it to my place and it would be just like OLD Naruto Central was.

Posted by PaulSpain 1 year ago