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Ok, get on with it!
I have to say I'm impressed by how far Naruto has progressed. That's all folks!

by OrochimaruClone1
Written: 1 year ago

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Alright I've give you that, but what about the biggest picture?
The sage.. If anything, being a fan since 01.. I've gotta say.
I'll be one sad fan if Naruto /is/ this reborn version. Instead of..
Witnessing his resurrection. To take hold of his pets & show these ninja
how to take charge in this war. Then again Sasuke.. you guys already know what he's like
So whit all that being said. 😏 Yeah Naruto's still mind fucking the shit out of Sasuke.

Twitter: @Uchiha_kitten

Posted by uchiha_kitten 1 year ago