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My Life
My very best friend and I have known each other the majority of our lives. We've been best friends since fourth grade and now she is my imouto-chan and I would die for her with a smile on my face. Anyway this isn't just an entry that has nothing to do with anime I promise. We came into our fandoms together. We discovered Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, Kyo Kara Maoh, etc.
anyway the point is somehow throughout the years one thing has become our constant. The night is our world. I can remember sneaking down the stairs when she'd sleep over (mind you in middle school she almost literally lived at my house) our arms full of every blanket I owned and tons upon tons of pillows. We set up in my living room in front of the old tv my grandparents gave us and I'd open tivo. Boom! we no longer worried about anything! ( back then we faced going to separate high schools) As the wee hours of the morning stretched on we were in our neverland filled with anime! We watched Inuyasha mostly, some death note, a loooot of Code Geass! It was our world with our characters who were just as good of friends as we were to each other. we cried (okay i cried shes a little less sappy than i am) and laughed and loved with these characters all with the moonlight streaming int the window.
Time wore on. I went to a different high school, a co-ed private school. She went to an all girl private school. (some how we had to laugh at our anime-esque school plaid uniforms) We still had our friendship but our moonlighting seemed all but lost. the days of giggling under hundreds of blankets pausing the tv to share our own spur of the moment fanfictions. this year we face college looming in front of us. we want to go together, get our world back and permanent. this past new years eve she was over. we were in my room on my laptop geeking out when it was midnight. we watched fireworks from my bedroom window. I wished to never lose my little sister and best friend. Id do absolutely anything for her. anyway yeah i just felt like i should write it out. My imouto-chan and I will forever be together.so to oxi and i!!!

by DesertOtaku
Written: 3 years ago

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