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Hokage Manga/anime
It would be nice to see a story about how the kages lived through their lives. but mainly what i wanna see is, the live story of the first hokage like how he became to how he is: being the leader of his senju clan, i think. and how he became to clashing with madara... and the 4th hokage: like how he got the thought of the rasengan, or the so called battle with the raikage, etc.OR even the Sage Of The Six Paths. but i think it would be nice to see the stories of them

by Ma0riKage
Written: 3 years ago

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Now that's a good idea there. Instead of the boring filler that we normally get, that doesn't have anything to do with the main storyline, they could give us stories about the history of the Kages & villages & what not. Like i'd love to know more about the sage of the six paths! Maybe some of these stories are in the works & we will see them when they fit into the storyline better... hope hope!

Posted by livingrpg 3 years ago

thanks. it would be nice... but yeah like u said, they could be in works..... i hope so lol.....

Posted by Ma0riKage 3 years ago

yeah i'm curious about Madara also. I still think there is slight possibility that Madara, Tobi, is somehow Obito... just something i've had in the back of mind for along time now

Posted by livingrpg 3 years ago

thats a really good idea. but livingrpg, there not going to bring an adult, dead, nobody into the shinobi war... obito died before he even got his third sharingan pupil... so madara= NOT obito... sorry
fourth vs ANYBODY would be a good fight. i wanna know how he came up with his teleportation technique... too cool

Posted by kenji_mamaru 3 years ago

Agreed, I've had this thought as well this would be awesome as a main storyline or a filler at the least. Going back to the beginning from the 6 paths and how he came to be all the way through the current Kages and all of their interactions with each other. Dying to also see the First Hokage and Madara and what was done to Madara's power.

Although I agree with kenji_mamru, I don't believe Madara is Obito it is possible if he somehow survived that he could have activated his Sharingan somehow. But then he would have had to have major training and rehab(if he was truly injured) to be able to fight the way he does now and to also impress Itachi enough to have him join. All of these would have to happen
at a minimum for that to be Obito. And I understand that their are a lot of things that stretch the imagination but that plot line would be too weak to be believable.

To me it seems more believable that the Mangeyeko Sharingan gave Madara an extended lifespan or that Madara is someone else just claiming to be who he says. I wouldn't put it past him being a son of the Sage of the 6 paths.

Posted by edawg 3 years ago

This would be nice. It could be a mini series, a movie series, or a filler. A filler would be very long though. If the manga ends and questions are not answered, itll leave holes in the manga. kinda like what GT did to DBZ

Posted by joessj5 3 years ago

Yeah... i guess i really didn't think about how Obito would have received his training after what happened to him and whatnot. Maybe i was thinking to much into the similarities of the name Tobi & Obito. Plus the fact we never see the other eye of Madara... was it because he didn't have one or something else? Many in the story have a hard time believing that Madara could even be alive still. Plus why would Madara even bother doing what he's doing now if it was actually him... i mean he apparently has one heck of a lifespan and nobody can lay a finger on the guy. It's not like he needs to do this plan. Plus it's not so strange of thing to have a character come along that's in a way a nobody and take the name of someone that has the already established bad ass name sake... you know a kind of passing of the torch thing l

Posted by livingrpg 3 years ago

scince this blog is bout the kages i thought i'd drop b and make a comment about a difference in stengths...is it just me or you all think that tsunade is the weakest kage right now too?healing's fine but you gotta have some crazy offensive jutsu to become a bad-ass kage..right???

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

yeah i havta agree with you. shez gotta be the weakest kage. even the mizukage will beat her. tsunadae might have healing abilities but only to a limit. lol. i think its coz she is one of the 3 sannin. but over-all it was actually Jiraiya who got asked to be the hokage then he refused then point out her hahaha well we all knw that...... but yeah she is the weakest kage

Posted by Ma0riKage 3 years ago

yeah! the mizukage will probaly be the only one to become her lifelong servant if she learns that she's fifty-something and has looks like that though all in order to obtain her look-young-jutsu of course

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago