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NEW...Battle of the Angels Fan Manga
Check out my new Fan Manga..Battle of the Angels..chapter 3 is out now...chapter 4 will be out shortly....The Story is a big twist..bcuz bhind the scenes work is gonna go on..that will reveal itself in the Later future..but unlike other manga/anime...my story will be one you will have to follow to get the hole story....i chose not to give an epilouge explination...just remember everything happenes for a reason....But to give a short story about it...it starts off in Hell...where Satan is the known Ruler...WHo is now bored of his current position...who is offering any demon or broad his spot as king..or queen...IF...they can take it...in an all out death tournament...only the tournament will not be in Hell...This time when you die...you die foreal

by Naruto_is_number1
Written: 3 years ago

Blog Comments (2)

i liked your fan manga. cnt w8 for chapter 4

Posted by Ma0riKage 3 years ago

Thanks bro..that means alot

Posted by Naruto_is_number1 3 years ago