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Ichigo vs Naruto
Who do you think would really win? Or do you think they would both lose themselves and die(full hollow and 9 tails take over). I would have added Luffy in too but i think he would be outclassed without additional devil fruit powers (as in a second or even 3rd fruit).

by Dustineli
Written: 3 years ago

Blog Comments (6)

For clarification both would be able to go all out but neither would have any time to prepare. Assume they met on the road with no teams or support or time to prepare (no naruto sitting w clones in sage mode to be summoned in). And neither had a clue the other existed.

Posted by Dustineli 3 years ago

And they had to fight for which world would end.

Posted by Dustineli 3 years ago

And using the manga as a basis.

Posted by Dustineli 3 years ago

No contest ichigo, his powers are as equivalant to goku.... this isnt even a fair topic... Naruto's world has yet to surpass into "godom", where ichigo and goku are already there.... So the better argument is Ichigo vs Goku!

Posted by cocoachik1 3 years ago

goku would own ichigo in a second

Posted by Zoomaster 3 years ago

camparing ichigo and goku is worse then trying to compare ichigo and naruto ha.. goku can destroy planets easily...ichigo is not that powerful. naruto doesnt sand a chance against ichigo. maybe itachi does against ichigo bc of genjutsu.

Posted by ballagrant21 3 years ago