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What's your word about Madara and Tobi?
TOBI said something about an Infinite Tsukuyomi at the Kage Summit and the ET-Madara had the same idea like of Tobi's or it's just a coincidence? Madara has an accomplice, and that's Tobi. And Tobi? I think he's a part of Madara also, imagine the Kyuubi detected Madara's Charkra Signature when Tobi released it from Kushina using a Sharingan. I think there's a Class "S", "Sage of the Six Paths" or "Senju/Uchiha Accesible" jutsu involved here xD. Just a thought, like a Soul/Personality Split Jutsu? Truth and Lie, Madara and Tobi, but the same goal. (Read through "Kabuto-Madara Conversations" in 562). And Madara stored his own body in a secret and highly access-protected Uchiha Box for future use. A well thought-out plan I assume. . I'm hoping for speculations from y'all. xD. Maybe one of us will hit a right one in relevance to the Naruto story line.

by elixis_light
Written: 2 years ago

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If tobi wasn't clone or creation of Madara, I would go for older member of Uchiha such as Uchiha Izuna.

Uchiha Izuna said to be madara equal in every way. He probably has same ambition as him. So, if its him i think after he gave up his eyes he didn't die. Madara transplanted him a new pair of sharingans. He helped Madara with his plans. Before Madara died, Madara taught him everthing and gave him harishama's cells. Izuna being old, needed harishama's cell to extend his life and was able to use Izanagi. Maybe Izuna did die, but Madara used his rinnegan to bring him back.

We never see Tobi use his MS probably because his eyes are transplanted and didn't activate it yet or can't. Tobi supports Madara and has hatred for Senju clan so likely Uchiha. So, tobi is izuna and is helping Madara

My third canditate was uchiha shisui but little far off. If it were him, Madara found him, trained him, gave him harishama's cells. The moon eye plan probably appealed to shisui because Uchiha shisui is powerful Genjutsu user. His obsession with Genjutsu caused him to take sides with Madara. Although shisui had different beliefs like naruto, Shisui believed that Madara's plan will really bring peace if he can control the whole world with his Genjutsu. As far as his abilities, he is much capable as Tobi because he is known to be one of most talented in the Uchiha clan. Plus, he probably got help from madara to obtain those powers.

Posted by kent0005 2 years ago

In addition, Soul/Personality Split Jutsu thing, I think there's a jutsu that divides age, time and event itself. A young Madara and a dead one both existing in the present Naruto time. xD This is just an opinion

Posted by elixis_light 2 years ago