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Gaara hirokuroza 2 years
10 Tails CekikDaud 2 years
Who is Tobi? gaara-of-the-desert 2 years
Uchiha Massacre mary6668 2 years
Crazy Out of the Box Idea sempet 2 years
FAIRY TAIL ANIME EPISODE #107 emakimeister 2 years
Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara sempet 2 years
Naruto Chapter 564 RECAP Rasengan_heu 2 years
tobi's true intentions wombat3476 2 years
this is the wildest theory gazayoth101 2 years
Sasuke Uchiha mrmcdonald 2 years
Theory to why Tobi might be Madara Rasengan_heu 2 years
If you could be born into any clan what would it be??? mrmcdonald 2 years
Tobi vs Madara sagarpdy 2 years
a wild theory vertigosr 2 years
Chapter 563 recap Rasengan_heu 2 years
Kakashi as the 6th Hokage.. Arms9ForSoul 2 years
Tobi's True Identity Rasengan_heu 2 years
Tobi was a MIZUKAGE?!!!!! loudpack55 2 years
Uchiha + Uzumaki CekikDaud 2 years
Can sharigan cast genjutsu on Rinnegan? Quajo 2 years
TOBI IS NOT OBITO! the_buddhist 2 years
Candidates of who "TOBI" is hirokuroza 2 years
The true controller CekikDaud 2 years
Team Kage Rasengan_heu 2 years
Objection! Tobi's Name!? OBJECTION11 2 years
who is the strongest, Nagato and Itachi? Quajo 2 years
Uchiha Itachi secret missions CekikDaud 2 years
ONE PIECE: ANIME EPISODE #523 emakimeister 2 years
Tobi plans CekikDaud 2 years
Tobi Sharingan and Rinnegan CekikDaud 2 years
Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan mrmcdonald 2 years
CAN NARUTO BEAT SASUKE ? wtfeverynamewastook 2 years
Insert your idea: Madara and Tobi Twist! elixis_light 2 years
Insert your idea: Madara and Tobi Twist! elixis_light 2 years
A chatroom would be cool Rasengan_heu 2 years
What's your word about Madara and Tobi? elixis_light 2 years
MADARA and TOBI - same idealism? elixis_light 2 years
to Mr. Masashi Kishimoto-san Nazura 2 years
Raikage does have his hand back on this page hotrich64 2 years
nine tails under control Care_Taker 2 years
Raikage has his left arm back? and Tsunade's Seal din not vanish? deenrife 2 years
"Not Konoha" - uzumaki clan uzumakimadara 2 years
"Not Konoha" - Uzumaki Clan uzumakimadara 2 years
Itachi Uchiha mrmcdonald 2 years
Madara vs Hashirama CekikDaud 2 years
Naruto and Sasuke Chedahokage 2 years
a new direction vertigosr 2 years
Tobi-Kakashi, Space/Time? ender31x 2 years
Flying Thunder God Technique sempet 2 years
TEAM KAGE the_buddhist 2 years
How did Hashirama control tailed beasts? Quajo 2 years
Madara seemingly more badass than Hashirama Quajo 2 years
Tobi mrmcdonald 2 years
Tobi mrmcdonald 2 years
What happened to killer bee and itachi? gzuzumaki 2 years
Uchiha Itachi vs Kabuto CekikDaud 2 years
Madara did the same thing as danzo? Rasengan_heu 2 years
Tobi's s/t jutsu Almightywood 2 years
Tobi theory fredy1235789 2 years