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Title Author Added
Naruto and One Piece Blog Lightning-Chidori 2 years
the story of a true hero uchiha_kitten 2 years
Future Ally: a change of destiny mickowafer 2 years
Affinity? mickowafer 2 years
does anyone know how blackbeard can have 2 devil fruit powers ? gorge158 2 years
i know this is mainly a naruto blog but wat do u all think about orihime bein a fullbringer? gorge158 2 years
Manga chapter 579-Karin Uzumaki?!...Kabuto a dragon?!?!...and Shikkotsurin?! sasuke_theniterider 2 years
Karin Uzumaki xaioque 2 years
Tobi and his white matter kent0005 2 years
Okay what about this TWO TOBIS Supernova1238 2 years
Sages jolas 2 years
Minnato's heritage. Quajo 2 years
Guess what this is about?? immikeporter 2 years
Sasuke-Itachi-Kabuto hans.kristian.holm 2 years
Tsunade with mokuton. Quajo 2 years
Justsu Collaboration xaioque 2 years
naruto central uchiha_kitten 2 years
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Review wa_hockey19 2 years
madara vs kages mrmcdonald 2 years
LEts FOrget TObi for a minute Tsfuko 2 years
BLEACH ANIME EPISODE #364 emakimeister 2 years
lets talk about Tobi again (getting tired of this) jolas 2 years
Oro's scroll qwerty415 2 years
Skyrim uchiha_kitten 2 years
Advantages of Wearing Tresor Paris Bracelets lingdu 2 years
My theory on who tobi is Supernova1238 2 years
naruto shippuuden movie 5 blood prison Zoomaster 2 years
Who is tobi?!?!... sasuke_theniterider 2 years
Please, HELP ME!!! MilicaS 2 years
FarFetched but... WDYT immikeporter 2 years
Yahiko is still alive??? illneversleep 2 years
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ANIME #253 emakimeister 2 years
The Slug Princess, Tsunade ginbu45 2 years
The Slug Princess, Tsunade ginbu45 2 years
my view so faaaarrrr... gzuzumaki 2 years
Reincarnation elroyjetson03 2 years
Naruto Manga chapter 577 kent0005 2 years
Tobi Is Kagami? Sagan 2 years
Ressurection immikeporter 2 years
Few of my ideas jyoti.ranjan.sahoo 2 years
Tobi is the older son of Rikudou Sennin??? CekikDaud 2 years
Are sure Tobi has MS? Quajo 2 years
Something that has always confused me Li1body 2 years
Tobi is ta da da da jolas 2 years
Naruto vs Bleach jolas 2 years
Danzo shimura jolas 2 years
Be nice! hans.kristian.holm 2 years
Orochimaru mrmcdonald 2 years
first hokage mickowafer 2 years
Who Tobi really is!!! Davonv2345 2 years
eternal mangekyou sharingan or rinnegan sagenaruto_99 2 years
If You Guys Were To Have A Kekai Genkai? ginbu45 2 years
WARNING: This show is awesome!!! Happyhands14 2 years
my top 15 anime list what is some anime u all like? that u think should place top 10 gorge158 2 years
SPOILERS------THIS IS CRAZY Li1body 2 years
who watches guilty crown by chance? i think its a pretty decent anime gorge158 2 years
Hope for Team 7 uzumakimadara 2 years
Will Gaara Have His Jinjuuriki Back? ginbu45 2 years
Bother's conversation jmmuniz1 2 years

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