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Tier Harribel
Tier Harribel

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by JuniorM_38

Tier Harribel is a character from the Bleach series, she belongs to a group of Aizen’s army called the Arrancars, she bears a tattoo with the # 3 ranking on her pretty much makes her among the top 3 Espadas. Its the first time, making this, I wish I could have done a much better job with her design using poser but felt I had other things to do, pretty soon, her outfit is being worked on, as well as her mask. So another version will be posted soon, in the works not right now. Poser Pro,Photoshop CS5,Terragen, Junior Mclean 2012 Tier Harribel © Tite Kubo

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Uploaded: 2 years ago
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