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bleach mistake
bleach mistake

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by sharin-byakun-nigan

amagai has released his zanpakuto to fight ichigo, and he has an unreleased zanpakuto. in the next scene it dissapears so i'm guessing it was a mistake.

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Uploaded: 4 years ago
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Comments (9)


Posted by HitogamiX 4 years ago

Posted by kayzack 4 years ago


Posted by Kishinsnk 4 years ago

It's not a mistake. you have to watch the whole arc to understand why he has 2 Zanpakuto.

Posted by mUltic0re 4 years ago

thats the sword that can force bankai back to their shikai form

Posted by KuLt 4 years ago

One of those swords is not a zanpakuto. Watch the arc to see what that sword really is.

Posted by Greenuns7 4 years ago

i thought i saw this sometime in the anime but a little later i thought i was wrong his zampakuto looks lame

Posted by z-existence 4 years ago

thats the bakkoto... not his zanpakuto which he has released... 2 different swords

Posted by goldenguard 3 years ago

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Posted by LovelyKiryuu 3 years ago

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