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why do you like bleach?
I'm new to this blog but i was curious to see why other bleach fans enjoy the series so much. It would be really awesome if anyone responded to this. I just like to hear some feedback. Writing a college essay on why the series, both anime and manga, are so popular. Well tell me you're thoughts. Thanks. ^-^

by aquilb
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Bleach

Blog Comments (11)

Hmmm generally likable character easy plot to follow and well i like almost any series that manages to pass around 200 episodes or chapters although i do like series with less

Posted by redbarren 3 years ago

Thank you redbarren. I great appreciate your response.

Posted by aquilb 3 years ago

I think is bcz the draws and the super power demonstrations
all the illusionism that live around it

Posted by _L_ 3 years ago

I LIKE bleach for one reason. The crazy fighting. However, the new manga kinda sucks big time.

Posted by Dakullashi 3 years ago

: bleach is totally cool,no mata wat hapnz,it jst crazy

Posted by rangiku3442 3 years ago

the anime and story line was all some now its just joke that's beginning to get old real fast end it soon

Posted by aaronjoem 3 years ago

because itas epic and...not 1 piece

Posted by john.precepa 3 years ago

i like it cause its a story based on a 16yr old who is able to see the dead and soon later discover's his power's as a soul reaper even though rukia gave her soul reaper power's to ichigo he already had power's just didnt know. the story plot is easy going lots of action and drama, it's all round likable for everything same as naruto and fairytail.

Posted by ocblack21 3 years ago

I like it cuz its bout Ichigo Fighting for everyone that he loves, also cuz of the massive reiatsu, all the fighting, all the hollowfications, all the Espadas/Arrancars releases, Bountos also, and cuz of Aizens fight with Ichigo It made me love the show more.
The first time i began to love Bleach was when I saw Ichigo vs Byakuya when Ichigo used his Bankai, I just loved it after i saw that and i said i had to see other episodes,which i did so it turns out.

Posted by Naruto1660 2 years ago

Bleach is likeable because it addresses a simple truth.... Everyone wants to be in control of their world. Power is the exercise of force over time. It must be cultivated and tested in order to understand its uses and limits. Only then can we truely begin to use it to shape our reality.

Posted by HectorGates 2 years ago

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