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i know this is mainly a naruto blog but wat do u all think about orihime bein a fullbringer?
i mean her ability is just like a fullbringer, but she dosent have the full capabilities of one. But if u think about it a bit it kinda seems like her abilities are very similar, as such like bringing out the soul in her hairpins, which bestowed her the ability to heal others. if she is a fullbringer then she should be able to learn more from ichigo in which they taught him. Idk would be nice cause orihime could use a little more ability to make her stronger.

i may be wrong but its just a thought

by gorge158
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Bleach

Blog Comments (4)

orihime is a fullbringer.

Posted by fondyboi 2 years ago

well i wasnt to sure or not i dont read the bleach manga lol just watching through the episodes.

Posted by gorge158 2 years ago

she really is

Posted by Kiannauzumaki2340 2 years ago

lol if orihimi fully develloped her powers to the max, she would be as aizen said... more powerful then god himself... basically her power allows her to deny anything thats happened to something or someone... increase her powers enough, and she could deny your own birth...you never existed then... think about that

Posted by pipo.declown 2 years ago