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Gosh how we wish our hair could look that great every day
Busty: Go for a V-neck, which helps create proportion and elongates the body if you're top-heavy. Not only does it make a statement no matter what you wear it with, the vintage twist gives it a timeless quality that will carry it through several seasons. If you need that <a href="http://www.diygreat.com">T-Shirt Printing</a> for hanging clothes, then a shoe rack that fits underneath is great. But you know what her best accessory was? That hair! Gosh how we wish our hair could look that great every day.

The final verdict? Work it girl! Eva, you know what works for your shape and your curves, and you work it well. Leighton MeesterHey, how did a homeless woman manage to sneak into the NYC premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises? That was our first thought when we saw this shot, but it turns out this walking fashion fail is actually a Gossip Girl starlet! What would her fashionista character, Blair Waldorf, say about Leighton's hobo lady look?We know even celebrities like to go casual and comfortable from time to time, but a major movie premiere is so not the place to slack in the fashion department. Next week I'll be discussing summer scarves! I'll show you how to take a simple scarf and turn it into a whole outfit. During winters, many people are seen wearingleather pants, because it not only makes one look trendy and cool, but it alsokeeps the body warm. tv Saturdays starting May 19 at noon PST, 3 p.<a>http://horatioindustriesnetwork.com/social_new/index.php?p=blogs/viewstory/156057</a><a>http://www.escapion.com/myplace/events/entry/-little-toys-like-a-doll-or-a-cartoon-figure-may-be-a-good-idea</a>

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Written: 2 years ago
Property: Bleach

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