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Ichigo was always a quincy!!! Or not!!
Lets think people, Ichigo didnt have a lick of soul reaper powers until he got them from rukia right? His zanpakto is always in release form because of his incredibly high spirit pressure right? This could be from the fact of Quincys have high spirit pressure and remember he has some hollow and fullbring powers in him too. Now also think about this, Isshin never really talked about Ichigos powers or his mother to him he always kept information hidden but him and Urahara know things. Also Ginjo knew alot about Isshin and never told Ichigo either. You see where this is going? There are a lot of unanswered things and this is what i think, how about you guys?

by leakswave
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Bleach

Blog Comments (4)

Its already said he was a quincy; im more into the fact that aizen and fullbring bad dood is out and about.. is ichigo gona side with quincys?? what he doin is palace??

Posted by Tsfuko 1 year ago

i think that since this is the last story ark of bleach, it's going to be both long and epic( i hope!) and all questions shall be answered. i think that last chapter for shadowed that their is going to be an all out war and soul society are going to team up with arrancars, espada, vizards, the zero squad ichigo's friends, the full bringers, gingjo EVERYBODY. theyre all going to team up and have this huge amazing battle

Posted by hirokuroza 1 year ago

I would love that, hell yea! brownies for hiro

Posted by Tsfuko 1 year ago

Itchigo is a mutt. He has quincy, shinigami, fullbringer, and hollow powers.
Next thing we know he probably gonna go into sage mode while transforming into super saiyan 5.

Posted by fondyboi 1 year ago