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<p>Han Xin in the rest of the items at home one night, returned home the next day no Xiang Yu. Want to ask to see Xiang Liang, housekeeper never something that she found out that Xiang Liang Wu left the city, even the good without also<strong><a href="http://gianmarcolorenzi-sale.com/">Gianmarco Lorenzi online</a></strong> accompanied with the go.<br>
A huge item in a long time to go home, Han felt tightness extreme. Wonderful heart and is very miss Yu Yi, Yu family will want to test the waters thunder.<br>
Fortunately, Xiang Liang gave orders servant, not bound the fate of Han Xin, with him freely. He wanted to be Han Yu informed the House steward, that he sent a steward to lead the way for him children.South of the items home with different risk home is located in the east. Wu was once a city of two hundred years are a big country, so the standard scale, and the Central Plains of Handan, not far off beam.<br>
Also wonderful country in Vietnam already even before the Qin unification of the six countries destroyed by the Chu, the city in the state of Qin unified Wu war has not been much damage. Comparison is a rubble of Handan, Ying Du, Wu lucky city to many. Wu wide enclosure walls of the city, the city has Shanze are dead, there are boundless expanse of fertile land, even if the whole city was surrounded by Wu, relying on the cultivation of the city can barely supply hundreds of thousands of military and civilian rations.Yu home is located in the east of the lake Yishanbangshui.<br>
Intercede if the style is built home of large-scale cooperation, atmospheric anomalies, like Xiang Liang, Xiang Yu, <strong><a href="http://theheadphonesworld.com/">Monster headphones</a></strong>the general aspiration of the two nephew and uncle, and that fear becomes home floor pavilion compact layout a lot. If it is not known in advance the identity of Yu Qi, Han thought that this is likely to be owner of the Mansion is an aloof, indifferent to fame and fortune of the literati.<br>
Han smiled and thought to myself it seems that Yu Gong Road, ambition is not great, probably because the country hated enemies, became the item of family rebellion iron.<br>
The front door entry lead the way and the gate of child domestic servants whisper a few words, there will be danger of domestic servants to come home with Han admitted. Along the way Han Xinxing To appreciate the scene of flowers and leaves beside the path, waterside pavilions, ponder their future Lao Zhangren this seems quite elegant, have to think about ways how to match up.<br>
Or to read poetry on the two, mounted in front of him loaded to force Nongnong join? The problem is that he seems only a few first, everything else not remember, can not face the day deep in Yugong chant 'Moonlight' to.<br>
The thought of their own hand towel guam, the expression of pain is the egg poetic reverie, Han Xin feel the creeps to think or forget.<br>
Garden is not large, no more while on the break and found Yu Qi is sit and wait in the sitting room, smiling at him. Han Xin was a junior forward in ceremony:<br>
&quot;Participating Yu Gong.&quot;&quot;Han Gongzi sit down.&quot; <strong><a href="http://www.jump-shooter.com/">NBA Player Shoes</a></strong>Qi Yu out smiling nod, did not get up, just waved, indicating Han sit down.<br>
&quot;I do not know Han Gongzi to come, but added the old lady rude neglect.&quot;Han quickly port, said not that he just stopped coming to visit.Han Yu Qi see very kind to him, can not help but to compare two Yu Qi and Xiang Liang.<br>
Relative to the Xiang Liang kind of 'people first language before the arrival of' the bold, Yu Qi something even more gentle. Xiang Liang conversation and feels different, more of a gentle, warm spring breezes, but then reveals a hint of polite indifference, do not look so easy to get as Xiang Liang.<br>
Presumably this is the difference between the two right, one is Hero, one for scribes.<br>
Yu Qi Han Xin to be hesitant to listen to is to visit the child of fear, and then shook his head, apologetic smiles; &quot;I am afraid that Han Gongzi be disappointed, interactive advertisement followed two days prior to the work of Xiang Yu out of the city.&quot;<br>
Han 'Oh,' a cry, I thought I know that. Yu Qi nonsense again, and the Council wanted to leave it up and bumbling.<br>
Suddenly remembered what the place looks like the Buddha, suddenly a shot forehead:<br>
&quot;Oh, have almost forgotten to ask, Miss Yu these days.&quot;<br>
Miao Yu Qi also thought that Han Xin Yi should really familiar, <strong><a href="http://www.buymonsterbeats.com/">monster beats by dre</a></strong>after all, are the Han to send her home this way, sidewalk; &quot;No thank Han Gongzi way to take care of my daughter.&quot;<br>
Here Yu Qi is a dark face, and said: &quot;Since my daughter is home, it has been sickly, and eat less but also are unwilling to talk, doctor doctor can not really see why they come, she bent already weak ... ... Well, the old lady for the past few days to worry about already, days without food, could not sleep ah. &quot;</p>

by hugege
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Bleach

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OK.....??....???....WTF..... You mean you put all this crap on here so you could sneak in some damn advertisements... sad... how very pathetic!!!

Posted by livingrpg 3 years ago

SOMEONE REPORT THIS PLEASE!!! I would but i'm on my ps3 & it won't let me.

Posted by livingrpg 3 years ago