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...Roar...Chaoso-kan (part 1)
My name is Gaara Hitsugaya I am the little the brother of Toshirou Hitsugaya I am the third seat of squad 10 I have Black spiky hair like my brother and my Zanpuk-to is Chaoso-Kan and my element is darkness. Me: -in bed- zzzzzzz. Shiro: &quot;Wake up! -kicks him outa bed- were going on a recon.&quot; Me: &quot;Ok i&#039;m up... but first how bout breakfast :D.&quot; Shiro: -hits him- &quot;NO! get ready and lets go&quot; Me: Fine killjoy (little while later) Shiro: &quot;Alright let&#039;s take role Gaara, check Rangiku, check Ichigo, check and Orihime check. Alright let&#039;s go&quot; Me: Hi Orihime -blush- (stupid stupid stupid)Orihime: Hi Gaara, it&#039;s good to see u again. Ichigo: Hey Gaara Rangiku: YO! what&#039;s up shorty -rubs his hair-Me: Ah. That feel&#039;s good -drools-<br />
Shiro: We&#039;re her-! oh my god all the people are dead.<br />
Me: O.O (LE GASP)<br />
(Why are all these people dead, why is Shiro a killjoy, and will Gaara tell Orihime about his feelings for her? TO BE CONTINUED?!

by DesertGaara55
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 837
Property: Bleach