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Roar...Chaoso-kan (Part 2)
Where we left off:<br />
Shiro: Were her- Oh my god all these people are dead.<br />
Part 2:<br />
Shiro: Everyone we need to explore we&#039;ll split up into 3 groups Rangiku you&#039;ll go with me, Ichigo you&#039;ll go by yourself, and Gaara you&#039;ll go with Orihime *wink*.<br />
Me:(yes yes yes) sure why not?<br />
Orihime: Ok let&#039;s go Shiro -grabs his shirt-<br />
Me: whoa slow down i&#039;m gonna choke &gt;.&lt;. <br />
Orihime: sorry u ok?<br />
Me: yea fine alright let&#039;s look for clues<br />
what the? (lets go to ichigo) <br />
Ichigo: Getsuga Tensho! -breathes hard and blacks out-<br />
(back to Gaara)<br />
Gaara: Orihime over here I found a survivor<br />
Orihime: It&#039;s just a little baby awww it&#039;s so cute.<br />
Gaara: -picks it up- come on let&#039;s find Shiro.<br />
(Let&#039;s go to my brother)<br />
Shiro: AAAAAAAH let me go dammit <br />
Rangiku: No i&#039;m gonna have some fun<br />
Shiro: what kinda fun? O.O<br />
Rangiku:-kisses shiro all over his face-<br />
(OK i&#039;m makin this and it even sounds wierd to me back to Gaara)<br />
Me: Um Orihime can I tell you something and I can understand if you hate me bout it.<br />
Orihime: sure go ahead<br />
Me: I-I-I I Like you -covers mouth-<br />
Orihime -put&#039;s the baby down- Shiro could u come here for a sec.<br />
Me:sure what?<br />
Orihime:-come close to my face- I like u to -kisses me on lips-<br />
Me: -laughs retardedly and blacks out-<br />
(Well that was smooth Good luck Shiro seeya in part 3)

by DesertGaara55
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 735
Property: Bleach