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The Soul Reaper of Chaos
My name is Taiyo Kuraikontonno. I’m a Soul Reaper from the Soul Society. I graduated from the Soul Reaper Academy having outstanding swordsman skills, but with average kido grades. I learned how to use my shikai during my last year in the academy. Thirteen Court Guard Squads sent me a letter to join any squad of my choice, except for Squad 1, since the letter says Squad 1 is only for very experienced Soul Reapers. I really wanted to join Squad 11, but when I showed them my shikai, they chased me outta there and said, “Never come back here again weakling!” After that, I decided to do some research in each Squad, and decided to join Squad 6. This is how my first day basically went.….

by DarkChoasNinja
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,204
Property: Bleach