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The Soul Reaper of Chaos: Chp. 2- First Day
Taiyo: Dammit! I’m gonna be late!
Taiyo Flash Steps his way through Seireitei to get to the Squad 6 barracks to meet the captain of Squad 6.
Taiyo: I definitely don’t want to make the impression to the captain that I’m lazy. Especially if it’s Byakuya Kuchiki, the most famous captain in the Soul Society.
After 10 minutes of Flash Stepping, Taiyo finally makes it to the front gate of the Squad 6 barracks.
Taiyo: *Pant**Pant* made it….
???: Well, aren’t you tired?
Taiyo turns around to see a guy with long crimson hair, tied back into a ponytail, with tattoos on his forehead.
Taiyo: Who are you?
???: I’m Renji Abarai, the new Lieutenant for Squad 6.
Taiyo: I’m Tayio Kuraikontonno, I’m the new Soul Reaper joining this Squad.
Renji: Never heard of you.
Taiyo: *sigh* Well it was to be expected I guess. By the way, do you know where the captain’s office is?
Renji: Yeah, I was about to head there right now to give my report to the captain. I’ll show you were it is.
Taiyo: Thanks.
Taiyo and Renji go to the captain’s office after a few minutes of walking through the barracks.
Renji: *Knock**Knock* Captain, can I come in.
???: You may. Also, who’s with you?
Renji: A newbie, he says he is meeting you to see if you will let him join our Squad.
???: Very well, let him in with you.
The door opens as Renji comes into the office. Taiyo is help back from nervousness.
Renji: Come on! What are you waiting for? You don’t have all day to stand there.
Taiyo steps into the room to see Renji and a man with gray eyes, with a silver scark, and a captain’s haori. The man also had some kensaiken to symbolize he’s a noble.
Taiyo: I’m honored to be in your presence, Captain Kuchiki.

by DarkChoasNinja
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,211
Property: Bleach