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The Soul Reaper of Chaos: Chp 3. Worthiness
Taiyo finally meets Captain Byakuya Kuchiki of Squad 6.
Byakuya: My guess is that you’re that new Soul Reaper everyone’s talking about.
Taiyo: Y….Ye…s…
Byakuya: I’ve heard good things about you.
Taiyo: Oh! T…thank-
Byakuya: But, I don’t believe in any of it.
Taiyo turned white and fell backwards as soon as Byakuya said that.
Byakuya: However, you must prove to me you deserve to be in Squad 6.
Taiyo immediately stood back up.
Taiyo: What do I need to do?
Byakuya: Fight my Lieutenant.
Taiyo looked straight at Renji’s eyes as Renji does the same to Taiyo. Tension was building as the two stared. Then, Taiyo draws his blade and heads straight towards Renji!
Taiyo: Haaaaaaa-
Ching- and in a flash Taiyo’s blade was struck by another blade. But it wasn’t Renji’s blade. It was Byakuya’s blade!
Byakuya: Obviously, you don’t fight him here.
Taiyo: (Damn I didn’t even see Captain Kuchiki move out of his seat. I didn’t even see him draw his blade. Is this what a Captain’s level Flash Step looks like?) I’m sorry about that Captain.
Taiyo was awestruck by the fact of seeing Byakuya’s speed for the first time. Taiyo looks over to see Renji having his katana half drawn from the sheath.
Byakuya: Let’s go outside.
Renji and Taiyo follow Byakuya to a place in the 6th Squad Barracks that looks like the training grounds. Byakuya faces straight at Taiyo.
Byakuya: You two will fight here. If you can still stand after fighting my Lieutenant for five minutes, you will have proven to me that you deserve to be in this Squad. If you fail, you will leave my sight immediately.
Taiyo: *Gulp*
Byakuya: Also, I want you and my Lieutenant to fight as if you’re putting your life on the line.
Renji: I have no problem with that. He’s just a newbie after all.
Taiyo: Don’t underestimate me.
Byakuya: Well I think you’ve been informed of the rules. Now, Begin.
Taiyo: Wait what?
Renji draws his blade then tries to strike first towards Taiyo, but Taiyo drew his katana to block it, but got pushed back from the strike.
Renji: That was a good move, but you’ll have to do better than that.
Taiyo aims his right arm with his blade in his left hand.
Taiyo: Hado 31: Shakkahō!
A ball of red energy shot from Taiyo’s right arm and aimed straight towards Renji!
Renji: *smirk* Too easy.
Renji uses Flash Step. Then he appears right behind Taiyo!
Taiyo: Knew you were gonna do that. Hado 32: Okasen!
A wide arc of yellow energy shoots out of Taiyo’s right hand pointing behind at Renji! But Renji narrowly escapes the blast, only suffering minor damage.
Renji: That’s it! It’s time to get serious. Roar, Zabimaru!
Renji’s blade changes into a long six segment blade with two pick like protrusions in the front and back of each segment. Then Renji swings his Zanpakutō , which extended and bent like a whip. And it was heading straight towards Taiyo. Taiyo uses Flash Step just in time, but suffered a deep cut in his right arm.
Taiyo: Damn. I have to get serious too. Glide in the night sky, Kuroi Tsubasa! (Tran: Black Wing)
A purple black energy enveloped the katana. Taiyo’s katana changes into a longer and wide blade that is pure black. The blade itself resembled a wing of an eagle spreading its wings. The front part of the blade has a saw type pattern, with the longest saw tip at the tip of the blade. The back is smooth but has an arc gap near the hilt and a slightly bigger arc gap between the middle to the tip of the blade. The hilt has a silver guard that was shaped like a ten legged star. The handle was black with a silver diamond pattern.
Renji: Bring it on.
Taiyo: Kaosuburasuto (Tran: Chaos Blast)
A purple fire like aura shot from the tip of Taiyo’s Zanpakutō and headed straight at Renji at a tremendous speed.
Renji: That’s nothing!
Renji swings his blade and intercepted the blast, deflecting it easily.
Taiyo: (Damn, my Kaosuburasuto still needs work. I’m able to get its speed up, but the power of the attack is still pretty weak).
Renji: (*Laughing*) What the hell was that? That attack was way too weak.
Taiyo: Shut up! I still need work on that!
They charged at each other from all angles, clashing their blades with brute force. Then, as the great last clash was about to be exchanged…
Byakuya: Time’s up.
Taiyo and Renji: Huh?
Then Renji and Taiyo accidentally lost focus and crashed straight at each other’s foreheads and landing on the ground on their backs.
Taiyo & Renji: Ow that hurt!
Then Byakuya faces towards Taiyo while Taiyo and Renji get up from the ground.
Byakuya: You have passed my test. You are now worthy of being a member of Squad 6.
Taiyo: You… really mean it?
Byakuya: Yes, work hard and don’t slack off. (Looks at Renji)
Renji: *Humph* Well anyways, congratulations.
Taiyo: Thanks Lieutenant Renji. Any tips for a rookie?
Renji: Just do as what your superiors say and follow orders. That’s the basics. My suggestion, we should spare sometimes and try to make that weakass attack of yours a lot stronger. We can also get stronger by sparring each other. Is that ok?
Taiyo: Sure. (Great my Kaosuburasuto is now considered weak. I really hope my Zanpakutō will tell me my next technique I will learn).
To be continued…

by DarkChoasNinja
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 981
Property: Bleach