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Soul Reaper of Chaos: Chp. 4- The Dream!
After the battle to prove himself, Renji shows Taiyo to his room, were he will be staying for as long as he's in Squad 6.
Renji: Here’s your room. You’re lucky to not share it with anybody, which is rare for a newbie.
Taiyo: Does that mean I earned the Captain’s respect?
Renji: I don’t know. Why ask me?
Taiyo: He doesn’t talk much does he?
Renji: Nope. Only gives orders and strategies. I never heard a peep out of his social stuff, other than his sister.
Taiyo: He has a sister?
Renji: Actually, she not really his sister. She’s his adopted sister.
Taiyo: How do you know this?
Renji: Because his sister, Rukia Kuchiki, was a childhood friend.
Taiyo: Really? Do you ever talk to her?
Renji: Ever since she got adopted into the Kuchiki family, I was never able to talk to her since. But now that I’m a Lieutenant, I will be able to talk to her.
Taiyo: Wow. I you really are close to her. Is she hot?
Just as soon as Taiyo said that, Renji punches Taiyo in the head!
Renji: DON’T DISRESPECT HER LIKE THAT! If the captain was here, you would be kicked out of this Squad and he will personally kick your ass, or worse, kill you!
Taiyo: *Gulp* Damn really? I’m sorry I said. What does she look like anyway? I’m just asking, I’ve never seen her before and I’m not planning to take her out on date or anything, knowing the Captain will kill me.
Renji: Hell no! I don’t trust you seeing her.
Taiyo: Ok... Sorry about… Anyways, look! It’s sunset already!
Both Taiyo and Renji look at the orange-black hued sky.
Renji: You’re right, wanna spare then grab something for dinner?
Taiyo: Sure!
Renji and Taiyo spared for a round then went to a restaurant serving chicken dumplings. After they had dinner…
Taiyo: *Yawn* Man those dumplings were good.
Renji: I think you should go to your room.
Taiyo: Well, see ya tomorrow Renji.
Renji: Remember, you have to go to the Captain’s office for your first mission. If you oversleep, I will come to your room and give you a good wake up call. *smirk*
Taiyo: I’ll keep that in mind. (Good wakeup call? *Taiyo imagines Renji yelling good morning and then, uses his Zanpakutō and attacking him with it as Taiyo fraks out* I better wake up early!)
Taiyo goes to his room and went to sleep. But during the night, something strange is happening to Taiyo. Taiyo is surrounded by a black and purple mist. Then…
???: Taiyo…
Taiyo: Who’s there?
???: Don’t tell you forgot already?
Taiyo: I can’t see, show yourself!
The mist clears as light quickly surrounds Taiyo, making him close his eyes. As Taiyo opens his eyes, he sees the most magnificent and amazing sight. He was surrounded by green mountains, full of plants and trees. Below him, he sees that he’s standing on a huge plateau. With him on the plateau, he sees a man. The man has black feathers covering almost his whole body, except his forearms.His fore arms have black gauntlets with claws in the end. The feathers are shaped like a robe with a hood. The man lifts his head and reveals his face. He has black crescent lines through both his eyes. After looking at him, Taiyo finally knows what the man is talking about…
Taiyo: You’re… Kuroi Tsubasa!
Kuroi Tsubasa: So you finally remember me. What about the promise from our first meeting?
Taiyo: I remember now, you said we will talk again when you decide if I’m ready or not.
Kuroi Tsubasa: Correct. You have gained a significant amount of fighting experience from fighting that Lieutenant.
Taiyo: You mean… By fighting Renji, I gained enough power to learn a new technique?
Kuroi Tsubasa: Correct. I will now teach you how to improve your Kaosuburasuto and a new technique.
Taiyo: ABOUT TIME! My Kaosuburasuto is too weak. Plus I could use a new technique.
Kuroi Tsubasa: You need to listen carefully to this. To improve your Kaosuburasuto, you have to keep slaying Hollows.
Kuroi Tsubasa: Yes, no matter how much you train, you’re Kaosuburasuto will not improve, unless you keep slaying Hollows.
Taiyo: Well, now that I’m in a Squad and not in the academy, it will be easier to make my Kaosuburasuto stronger. Now what’s the new technique you’re going to teach me?
Kuroi Tsubasa: This technique has requirement. You must slay 100 Hollows. After slaying 100 Hollows, that is when you are able to use this technique. To use it, all you have to do, is call the name of the technique and swing your blade.
Taiyo: What’s the name of this technique?
Kuroi Tsubasa: The name of this technique is…
The dream fades away as Taiyo wakes up from his dream and realizes it's morning. Taiyo then smiles as he gets up.
To be continued…

by DarkChoasNinja
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,297
Property: Bleach