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Soul Reaper of Chaos: Chp 5 – The new recruit.
Taiyo gets up and leaves his room and reports to Renji. Renji is sipping tea and is about to give Taiyo’s very first assignment.
Renji: Ok, your first task for today is to patrol the Rukon District and make sure the Hollows don't attack innocent souls.
Taiyo: Got it!
Renji: Make sure you let the Soul Reaper patrolling the area now know he can come off duty.
Taiyo: Ok, got it!
Renji: One more thing.
Taiyo: Yes?
Renji: After you come off duty around the afternoon, can you meet me in front of the 6 Squad Gate? There are still a few recruits left who just joined kinda late and I could use your help guiding them to Captain Kuchiki’s office.
Taiyo: No problem. I was gonna train, but I think facing real live Hollows will be enough for me.
Renji: Thanks. Remember, write your report first then come meet me at the Gate, got it.
Taiyo: I won’t forget.
After hours of patrolling and slaying only 8 Hollows, Taiyo writes his report and goes to the Squad 6 Gate.
Renji: Hey Taiyo, over here!
Renji was just in front of the Gate.
Taiyo: Man I’m beat, but this will be pretty easy.
Renji: Well, it turns out there’s only one recruit left to be accounted for.
Taiyo: Who is it?
Renji: We will have to wait and see.
A few minutes later, Taiyo sees someone approaching.
Taiyo: It seems the new recruit is here-
Taiyo was frozen. The new recruit turns out to be a beautiful girl around Taiyo’s age with long, red hair.
Renji: Hey look, it’s the new recruit. (Approaches the new recruit) Welcome to Squad 6. This guy will show you to- Uh, you alright?
Taiyo was still standing motionless, only looking at her.
Tiayo: (Who is she? Man she’s beautiful. What do I do? What do I do?)
Suddenly Taiyo gets smacked in the face by Renji, completely caught off guard, and was now on the ground.
Renji: You awake now? Cause you have to take her to the Captains office.
Taiyo: Sorry about that Renji.
Renji: Jeez, just take her to the Captains office.
Taiyo: Ok, got it. (Jeez, is he having a bad day? He seemed calm when I saw him.)
Taiyo leads the new recruit to Byakuya’s office. Taiyo is still was very nervous but tries to fight it. Then…
Taiyo: You never mentioned your name.
The new recruit stays silent.
Taiyo: Uh, I was talking to you. Hey. You hear me?
New recruit: YES I HEAR YOU!
Taiyo: Ahh! (Man she could’ve said it more nicely)
New recruit: Just to make you shut up, my name is Akemi.
Taiyo: (Man that was rude. Is she having a bad day too?)
Finally, they arrive at Byakuya’s office.
Taiyo: Captain the last recruit is here-
Akemi: Byakuya Kuchiki! I challenge you to a fight!
Byakuya: Sigh. That’s fine, let’s go outside. I was going to see if you’re worthy of being in Squad 6 by fighting my Lieutenant, but I’m fine with testing you myself.
Akemi, the new recruit, challenges Byakuya to a fight!
To be continued…

by DarkChoasNinja
Written: 3 years ago
Views: 1,218
Property: Bleach