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Chapters 1 & 2 of Bleach The Shadow Clan arc (Edited)
This chapter of Kite Kubo’s Bleach, will be based on the Shadow Clan, a breed of warriors who are very similar to Soul Reapers, but live in a different dimension unknown to the Soul Society .The Shadow Clan, & their ant-sisters, clans have been fighting a war against each other for thousands of years after the death of the Empire and start of the evolutionary struggle for power and control .The war is finished after the Leader of the Shadow Clan killed the general of Emperor and gained total power over all. The Clan leader then eliminated all of the soldiers who fought against him with one Kido, blast; now only five elite warriors remain planning to conquer a new world since theirs was destroyed by their war for power.

Briefly after the war is ended and the Shadow Clan is in total control; the warrior Lt. Logez, is sent through dimensions to the world of the living to determine the conditions of the world in preparation for conquering. He ends up in Karakura, town. He relays the information to the Shadow Clan, stating there are many souls to consume there. He is then ordered to eradicate all Souls (living or dead) a 100 miles there. After a quick but, fierce scuffle between Lt. Logez, & Yoruichi Shihoin; Yoruichi, is badly injured by a brutal surprise attack. Logez, then tells Yoruichi, to bring their strongest warriors to the location where they had fought; in a hour or he’ll start reducing Karakura town into ashes! Yoruichi, relays the message to Ichigo, and the gang, While the Soul Society, sends Renji to investigate the strong spiritual pressure in the world of the living. In order to save Karakura, town Ichigo, and Renji, team up and face Logez, two on one because Logez's, strength, speed and power are far superior to their own; After a bloody, painful, & brutal battle both Renji, & Ichigo, badly injured but still alive they defeat Logez, but are shocked when they find out that he is the weakest of the four left to face.

After the battle with Lt. Logez, Ichigo & Renji rests up & confront the gang about the peril that lies ahead of them. That if there are four more warrior like Logez, & he was the weakest of the five they were in serious trouble seeing how Ichigo & Renji, just barely survived that battle! But their rest is short lived, because now Captain Terereze, of the Shadow Clan, has just stated he will be the second to try & conquer the world of the living starting with Karakura town of course; having to clean up after Logez’s mess. On arrive Terereze, plants a small soul seed in the center of Karakura town, which quickly grows due to the amount of spiritual presents that makes up Karakura town. Soon the tree burrows through the ground & into the sky reaching for the heavens; with the tree fully grown it immediately starts consuming the souls of Karakura, town living or dead. The giant soul tree continues to consume souls of the living and forms them into single balls of soul energy with the concentrated souls of a hundred living contained within them! It's up to Ichigo, and the gang to stop Terereze, and the Tree of Souls before it's too late for Karakura, town and the World of the living! Even with the combined powers of Ichigo’s Hollow mask & the help of friend they can’t even hold a candle to Terereze’s might, & experience on the battle field; especially after he consumes a Ball of energy from the Tree of Souls. After taking a third brutal beating from Terereze, Ichigo, slips into unconsciousness & is greeted by a small young girl, who is the spirit of the tree of souls. She then tells Ichigo, that there is only one way to gain the total & absolute power of the tree is to have a pure heart & intentions. The spirit of the tree then forwards the power of the tree to Ichigo, allowing him to deliver a final attack that not even the mighty Terereze, could withstand! The Tree is also destroyed along with Ichigo,’s final attack; the tree de-materializes returning the souls it captured to their rightful owners.

by RavernElite
Written: 3 years ago
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