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Bleach Shifter Arc: Episode 1: I Am Katsumi
“Getsuga Tenshou!” The hollow disappears.
“Ichigo!” Rukia is standing behind him with her arms crossed.
“What?” He says in an annoyed voice.
“You know you need to take it easy still. Don’t go overdoing yourself already!”
“Calm down. This is nothing.” He puts his zanpakto back and flashsteps away, across the building tops.
“Ichigo, wait!” Rukia sighs, but sort of smiles. She flashsteps after him.
*Back at Ichigo’s room*
“Nee-san!” Kon jumps into Rukia’s arms. She steps on him, his plushy body squeaks as it hit the floor. “I’ve missed your hellos nee-san.” His muffled voice coming from under her foot.
“Oy, Rukia, tell me why you’re here again?” Ichigo sits down at his desk.
“I have secret orders that don’t concern you.” She walks over to his closet and opens it.
“Well when you’re living in my closet, it does concern me!”
“It’s just a hollow alert. Nothing to get worried about.” She sits inside the closet.
“Since when did Soul Society decide to send you to the world of the living every time a hollow turns up? That’s what I’m here for, and the town shinigami.” Ichigo turns to look Rukia straight in the eyes. “It’s more than just a normal hollow isn’t it?” Rukia looks down from his gaze.
“Yes. It’s a hollow that has partially turned into a shinigami.” Kon gasps in awe,
“Does it have hollow or shinigami powers then?” He asks.
“Both.” Rukia looks up at the window. “But the problem isn’t what he is, it’s what he’s been doing.” Ichigo’s eyes widen.
“I’m guessing he’s doing more than just eating the wandering souls that are stuck here.” Ichigo says quietly. Without shifting her gaze from the window Rukia replies,
“He’s...he’s been creating shinigamis. They have turned out to be hybrids, changing between hollow and soul reaper,” She added quietly, “like you used to.” Ichigo looked away from her at the window too.
“I see.” He says. Kon looks back and forth between the two.
“So this thing is using his hybrids to do bad things? Well, we’ve got to stop him!” Kon pounds his paw into his other one, squeaking as he did so.
“No, Kon.” Rukia stands up. “He isn’t doing that.”
“Huh?!” Question marks pop up around Kon.
“All the hybrids he’s created have all died within an hour.” She explains. Ichigo frowns really hard and says,
“How many hybrids has he tired to make?” Rukia faces Ichigo,
“A lot.” He grips his combat pass angrily, still frowning.
*Beep beep beep*
Rukia looks at her soul phone beeping. Ichigo stands up. “Hollow?” Rukia still looks at her phone.
“It’s him.” Ichigo pounds his combat pass into his chest and turns into a shinigami. His human body clunks on the floor. He opens the window and jumps out.
“Wait, Ichigo!” Rukia swallows her soul candy and follows Ichigo. They jump over buildings and run, searching for the half hollow, half shinigami. They stopped right beside the road that’s next to the river. Rukia’s phone stopped beeping.
“Damn it!” Ichigo scowled.
“Maybe it…” Rukia stopped mid sentence. They all of a sudden felt an immense spiritual pressure. They look around and see nothing. They look down and see a girl walking along the road. She’s looking down at her feet as she walks, and doesn’t see them.
“Her spiritual pressure is so strong it feels like,” Rukia caught herself. She was about to say, “as strong as yours was.” Ichigo was frowning, “I know.”
"Do you think she’s the half hollow, half…”
“No.” Rukia interrupted. “She’s Human.” They were about to turn away when she unexpectedly looked up. She had dark, very dark brown eyes, but from a distance, they looked black. She was looking right at Ichigo and Rukia above her. She frowned a little looking confused. “She can see us.” Rukia whispered. Ichigo slowly reached for his zanpakto. The girl opened her mouth as if about to say something when all of a sudden out of nowhere, a figure appeared. It grabbed the girl. She screamed and struggled. The figure wearing a shinigami robe and carrying a zanpakto disappeared, taking her with him.
“Wait! Come back!” Ichigo yelled and took off after it.
“Ichigo!” Rukia yelled after him. They followed the thing up into the small forest by the cemetery. Ichigo and Rukia land behind the figure, zanpaktos drawn.
“Why thank you for coming to watch my show. I’ve never had an audience before.” A raspy voice sounded.
“We’re not here to watch anything! Give her back to us!” Ichigo shouted.
“Oh, but she doesn’t want to go back.” It turned around, revealing its face of a hollow, the round empty circle in the center of its chest. “See?” He stepped aside revealing the girl standing behind him. She only stood still, unmoving and making no sound. He continued, “And you don’t want to leave either.” He waves his human looking hand towards Ichigo and Rukia. They immediately felt as if they were glued to the ground and were bound by ropes head to toe. They were unable to move and speak, they couldn’t even struggle. The creature laughed. “This is perfect!” it began walking back and forth. “You see, I have gone through so much trouble, it makes me weary to think about it. Being the only one of my kind, it put me under so much pressure. So I tried to make ones like me. All the hybrids I’ve made, oh so many, hundreds I assume. But they all died on me, they brought me no merit, no happiness. You can only imagine my joy though when I discovered the key to my success! From frustration and anger I could not see clearly and in that rage I turned a worthless human, with almost no spiritual pressure. Fortunately, after he had been turned, a stupid human had wandered among us and my newly made hybrid killed him. I wasn’t disturbed by what happened, I was actually greatly surprised. My new hybrid had survived beyond the one hour all my other hybrids had died at. Unfortunately, he had low spiritual pressure and had no power, and was therefore useless to me. So I killed him myself.” It took a pause in its Story. Ichigo became furious, but was still unable to move or speak. It continued, “Now I have captured her,” he turns around and looks at the girl, “who’s spiritual pressure, which I’m sure you’ve noticed, is quite impressive.” It drew his zanpakto and turned back to Ichigo and Rukia, “And I’ve captured two shinigamis for her to kill when she’s born.” His laugh rang out through the trees. He turns back to the girl making her put her arms out. Her arms flung out in front of her robotically. It placed its zanpakto in her hands, the point facing her heart. He placed his own hand on the hilt and said, “Maybe I should have asked your name first.” Then he made her drive the zanpakto through her heart, and he pushed with his hand as well. Then a bright blinding light blinds Ichigo and Rukia. The light fades and they see the girls human body laying on the ground. Her shinigami self stands in front of them. She still looked human, not like a hollow, but dressed in black soul reaper clothers, and a large zanpakto hung on her back. He stepped to the side to let her walk and stand between him and Ichigo and Rukia. “Now, if you want to live, kill them.” He said to her.
“My name is Katsumi.” she whispered.
“What?!” He snarled at her.
“Watashi wa Katsumi!” She grabbed the hilt of her zanpakto from over her left shoulder. The bluish purplish ribbons unwrap from the blade. The ribbons connect to the end of the hilt with little bells hanging on both ends of the ribbons, tinkling a quiet sound. Unexpectedly she turns around facing the half hollow half shinigami and stabs him though the stomach. He howls in pain and surprise. He reaches for his zanpakto, but it lay on the ground out of his reach. Before he could do anything else, she sliced his mask and cut him all the way down the middle. He screams one last time, before dying and disappearing into thin air.
Ichigo and Rukia can move now, they stare at Katsumi. She puts her zanpakto back in place and looks at Ichigo and Rukia.
“Who are you?” Ichigo asks, frowning at her.
“I told you. I am Katsumi.”


by Pinkertine
Written: 2 years ago
Views: 1,475
Property: Bleach