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A Bleach Love Story part 4
When I woke up the next morning, Saturday morning, Ichigo wasn't next to me. I got up and looked around. His room was still the same as it was before. I got up and walked downstairs and I took notice on the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen.
"Good morning Orihime!" Ichigo said as he greeted me with a smile.
"G-good morning Ichigo."
"I hope you like eggs sunny-side up and bacon.
"Yea thats fine. Ummm... Ichigo isn't your family here?"
"No. my dad is at work and my sisters are at school."
"Oh ok." I said as I took a seat at the table. Ichigo served up breakfast and we sat in silence until Ichigo broke it.
"So what are your plans for today?"
"UUmm....Nothing really....I was just gonna go home and do some cleaning and house chores."
"Do you need help cleaning?"
"Oh no! its fine! don't worry about it! I can do it!"
"Well i want to be able to spend time with my girlfriend." He said while I blushed.
"W-well if you insist....Then I don't see why not."
"Alright. well let me go get changed. I'll be right back." He left before I could answer. I decided to clear the table while he was getting changed. When he came back downstairs, he was wearing baggy jeans, a white T-shirt with some blue writing on it, a belt which was black with a skull buckle, and a necklace with a cross on it.
"Too much?" he said waking me from my daze.
"N-no its fine." I said hesitantly. We then left his house and walked to my house. When we got to my house he asked me
"is anyone home?"
"No. It's been just me since my parents died and my brother had to look out for me until he also died."
"Oh...Im sorry."
"It's not your fault. Come on." I said as I pulled him inside.
"W-wow this is your house? All to yourself?!"
"Yup!" I said. My house was bigger than your average house. It also had a flat screen T.V and a waterfall in the living room.
"Well let's get cleaning! Here take this and vaccum the floors please?" I asked Ichigo while handing him a vaccum cleaner.
"Yea sure anything for you my love." He said while he plugged in the vaccum cleaner. I went over to the sink and started doing the dishes. I was still shocked about me and Ichigo being a thing now. He was treating me like I was actually worth something. The last time someone treated me nicely, was when my brother was still alive.
"Orihime!" I heard Ichigo yell, awaking me from my daze. When I blinked, I saw what Ichigo must have been calling my name for. There was a large hollow standing in front of my window...looking right at me. I couldn't move. My body felt frozen, my legs stiff, my knees locked. Before I knew it the hollow reached through my window and grabbed me.
"Ichigo!" I screamed only to find it was useless because I was already far away from my house. I closed my eyes and began to cry thinking this was the end, when suddenly the hollow shook, and I began to fall. I screamed until I met my death. Although, I didn't meet my death. Instead, I felt someone holding me close to his chest. I opened my eyes to see Ichigo.
"Ichi-ichigo..." I said as he chuckled.
"Hey. Wait here ok?" He said as he put me down. Ichigo then jumped back up to the hollow's face. He fired his Getsuyga Tenshou, but the hollow reflected it and fired it right back at him.
"Ichigo!!!!" I yelled as he flew back, unconcious.
"Ichigo!" I said as my eyes teared up. "That's IT!!! Im done being a pushover, A weak, and innocent girl. What do you want you stupid hollow?!" I yelled at it. Then the hollow manifested into a human. I was really unprepared for that because now I was terrified to see Uryu standing where the hollow just was.
"Hello Orihime. Let me clarify. One, im not a 'stupid hollow' so to speak, and two, I want YOU. You were destined to be mine. NOT HIS!!" He said as he pointed in Ichigo's direction.
"I should just dispose of him now..." He said.
"No!!!! don't do it! Please! I'd do anthing you want me to just as long as you don't hurt him!" I pleaded.
"Is that so? well then I'll tell you what I want. I want you to forever be mine."
"Ok if thats what you want, then I'll follow through. just please don't hurt Ichigo."
"Orihime!! don't do it!!! It's not the real Uryu!!! It's a powerful hollow!!!" Ichigo yelled.
"Don't beleive that moron! He's been a moron all of his life!" Uryu said. I couldn't let Ichigo be harmed.
"Im sorry Ichigo. Be safe ok? Uryu let's go." I told them. Uryu then wrapped us in a vortex and i was slowly dissipating.
"OOORRIIHHIIMMEEEE!!!!!!" Ichigo yelled.


by naruto4497
Written: 1 year ago
Views: 1,478
Property: Bleach