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yamamoto and ichigo vs aizen
at last the winter battle has ended..<br />
and it was only yamamoto and ichigo who was left standing to fight aizen.. both of them are heavily injured but can still fight..<br />
yamamoto decided to use his bankai against aizen.. and released his zanpakto.. revealing his bankai. his bankai is a flamedragon who incinerated everything on its path.. But aizen was confident on his skill and his mastery of the hougyoko.. and began attacking yamamoto at full strength. yamamoto knowing full well that he will not last longer under aizen brutal attacks. decided he would sacrifice himself to give ichigo a chance to take down aizen.. Ichigo understood very well what must be done.. and decided it was for the best. and yamamoto looking first at his beloved gotei 13 and proudly said.. Continue the good work we have done so far!!!!.. so attack aizen with all his might.. aizen decided it was time to end his life. and killed the captain commander.. Ichigo uses the opportunity to kill aizen once and for all.. he turned ito a full hollow and was planning to end this once and for all.. Aizen noticing this just smiled and said.. &quot;i think its time for you to show up my beloved vastro lordes&quot; and out of the garganta. 10 vastro lordes appeared.. there spiritual pressure was so powerful even ichigo at full hollow cannot move.. ichigo said &quot;damn it i guess this is the end&quot; and out of nowhere a voice suddenly said.. &quot;you giving up so soon kurosaki what a loser&quot;.. ichigo suddenly turned around and saw the shinji smiling at him and said if you want backup here we are! and ichigo suddenly notice a familiar face among them.. it was his father wearing shinigami robes!!! <br />
<br />
part two coming soon!!!!!!!

by zangetsu100
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 1,872
Property: Bleach