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After Ryujin Jakka&#039;s effect wore off, the smoke vanished and Aizen Sosuke, Ichimaru Gin and Tousen Kaname already knew how the battle goes while they are trapped in Yamamoto&#039;s prison of fire. Everyone exhausted for their battles with the Arrancar and the three Espada, they seemed not fit to fight moreover to the three former captains. &quot;Oh, what have they done to the town, seems they made such a good time playing in this fake town&quot;, said Gin. &quot;How about that Aizen, looks like you don&#039;t have anymore up your sleeve&quot;, Yamamoto said. He added &quot;...moreafter, you still look confident. You really is an unpredictable person&quot;. &quot;We three shall finish this quickly and destroy Karakura in Soul Society. With you losing seven captains and left but injured lieutenants, this surely is a quick play&quot; formidably said by Aizen. It was in that moment when two strange shadows had appeared in front of Yamamoto Genryuusai. &quot;What took you two so long to come here?&quot; said Yamamoto. &quot;Hmmm. I see you got new faces Commander-Captain&quot; said Gin. As the captains behold for these two new faces, the smoke gets clearer and two haoris were seen with one of them the third captain haori, and the other as the ninth captain&#039;s dress. &quot;What a sleepy day it is to die for...&quot; said by the mysterious third captain. &quot;Our apologies, Commander-Captain.&quot; said by the Captain with the ninth insignia on his back. &quot;You really are an unpredictable person Yamamoto, but this fight is too far from unpredictable&quot;. arrogantly said by Aizen... <br />
<br />
Next time, the mysterious captains will be unfold and the final battle begins!

by alsallista
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 896
Property: Bleach