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The Love and Betrayal of 1 Espada! Part 2
*As Orihime patched up Hakurone she looked at her cell phone*<br />
Orihime:(Gasp) Oh my goodness look at the time it&#039;s getting dark out here! Hakurone you should go home and becareful.<br />
Hakurone:Orihime!<br />
*As she turned back around his head was down in a slump!*<br />
Orihime: What is it?<br />
Hakurone: I um... really don&#039;t have a home...at all.<br />
*Just then feeling pity in her heart Orihime thought of an idea*<br />
Orihime:Hey I know, why don&#039;t you spend the night at my house tonight!<br />
*Just then Hakurone picked up his head and said...*<br />
Hakurone: Orihime I don&#039;t know what to say?<br />
*Orihime runs over and holds his hands in her own*<br />
Orihime:You could say Yes!<br />
Hakurone: Okay, I thank you Orihime Inoue.<br />
*Just then both smiled deeply at each other.<br />
*Scene fades to black and now changes to Hueco Mundo an Arrancar is seen punching a wall down the dust and debree fade to see that it&#039;s Grimmjow*<br />
Grimmjow: Damn it that Hakurone! He is having all the fun in the Human World and I&#039;m stuck here wasting my time when I could be killing again!<br />
*Just then 2 more Arrancar walk in showing to be Luppi and Ulquiorra*<br />
Luppi: Oh don&#039;t be so mad Grimmjow remember you are not part of the Espada anymore so you have obligation of returning to the human world, you&#039;ll just be a lacking slave to Lord Aizen!<br />
*Grimmjow then throws a Cero behind him missing Luppi entirely*<br />
Grimmjow: Shut your mouth you pipsqueak!<br />
*As Grimmjow proceeds with another Cero he is stopped by Ulquiorra*<br />
Ulquiorra: Grimmjow quit this foolishness or I will kill you myself, You brought this on your own head!<br />
*Grimmjow looking mad as ever turns away in disgust saying...*<br />
Grimmjow: Hmmph! I don&#039;t have time for this crap I&#039;m going to the Human World Aizen&#039;s Orders or NOT! and kill Hakurone myself!<br />
Ulquiorra: Stop Grimmjow, Lord Aizen will...<br />
*Grimmjow throws another Cero straight out as Ulquiorra absorbs it&#039;s power!<br />
Grimmjow: I said shut up Damn it!<br />
*There is an awkward silence in the room as Luppi unleashes his sword ready to strike*<br />
Luppi: You know what this&#039;ll stop you for good you pathetic piece of...<br />
*Before he could finish Ulquiorra stuns Luppi in his back*<br />
Luppi: Damn Ulquiorra what the hell!<br />
Ulquiorra: you know never to unleash you Zanpaktou on another Arrancar without Aizen&#039;s Orders.<br />
*At that time Grimmjow left out of Los Nochos to kill Hakurone*<br />
Ulquiorra looks at Grimmjow while he walks away (The creen fades to black)<br />
<br />
End of Part 2

by Arrancar_Brawler1207
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 1,226
Property: Bleach