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The Love and Betrayal of 1 Espada! Part 3
*Orihime&#039;s house is seen in the next clip starting out with a loud shriek*<br />
Rangiku:Oh how cute, Orihime you brung home a little friend!<br />
*Rangiku proceeds to hug Hakurone, as she does his face is being nuzzled right into her breast!<br />
Rangiku: I simply love him, he looks so cute and handsome!<br />
*Hakurone is then released gasping for air his face blue at the top*<br />
Rangiku: So Orihime what is he doing here?<br />
Orihime:Well he is going to be spending the night with us for a while!<br />
*Rangiku screams in excitement going for another hug at Hakurone but misses as he dodges of to the side, at that point Rangiku pulls orihime to the side to speak with her quietly*<br />
Rangiku:(Quietly saying sneakily) Orihime this boy is cute, I think the only reason why you brung him is because...<br />
Orihime: No! Rangiku it&#039;s not like that at all!<br />
Rangiku: Really aww, I wanted to see if I could join you (Giggling softly)<br />
*Orihime then backs away quickly with her face in a blush)<br />
Orihime: Rangiku your embarassing me in front of him!<br />
Rangiku: Oh! so you are into him is that it huh?<br />
Orihime: Rangiku! I&#039;m blushing so much aren&#039;t I?<br />
Rangiku:Like a Rosy Red Apple Orihime!<br />
*Then Orihime is shown in the kitchen making dinner, while Rangiku is in the room with Hakurone poking him cutely while he is meditating*<br />
Rangkiu:*Quietly* Pokey,Pokey,Pokey,Poke!<br />
Hakurone opens his eyes to see that Rangiku&#039;s breast are hanging over his face while she looks at him!<br />
Hakurone: Anything wrong, Rangiku, he says as if he wa annoyed.<br />
Rangiku: How can be so still when I&#039;m around you like this? No man can resist my body especially not even in the human world.<br />
Hakurone: That&#039;s what I&#039;ve been trying to do by Meditating!<br />
Rangiku: Hmmm. Really because i know a few guys who haven&#039;t even held resistance against my body.<br />
*Shows flahbacks of Kon, Keigo and a few others all wanting Rangiku&#039;s Big Breast*<br />
Rangiku:(Sighs)Oh well it can&#039;t be helped!<br />
<br />
*Just then all three are seen sitting at the table eating Orihime&#039;s somewhat odd food*<br />
<br />
Orihime:Wow I think the gummy bear gumbo tastle good this time!<br />
Rangiku: Agreed<br />
Hakurone:*thinking*I never tried anything like this before.<br />
Orihime: Are okay Hakurone?<br />
Hakurone: Oh sure!<br />
Orihime: Well dig in there&#039;s plenty to go around!<br />
*Hakurone looked at the food as a gummy bear floted past the beef inside, he took a spoon a gave it a try*<br />
Hakurone:*Delighted*Ah I&#039;ve never tried anything quite so delicious Orihime!<br />
*Orihime&#039;s face lit up with happiness*<br />
Orihime: i&#039;m glad you like it.<br />
*Soon after dinner everyone washed up for bed, as Hakurone was in the bath thought to himself <br />
Hakurone:This is just so weird I&#039;ve been treated with hospitality in this world than I would have been with the other Arrancars.<br />
<br />
*Remembering all the times he was picked up by the Arrancars older than him he was only 17 The Arrancars were older though, then it fades to white showing Hakurone was branded with the number 0 on his left arm the arm Orihime hasn&#039;t seen yet*<br />
<br />
Hakurone:(Sighs)This world is so strange!<br />
<br />
*As he stepped out and dried off Orihime someone opened the door by accident knowing he wasn&#039;t there, Hakurone didn&#039;t know if anyone was there either*

by Arrancar_Brawler1207
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 928
Property: Bleach