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The Love and Betrayal of 1 Espada! Part 4
As Hakurone dried off he walked towards the door, then he fell on the floor thinking he hit something, but it was a someone as he stood up he saw Orihime rubbing her head, as she opened her eye she saw Hakurone standing right in front both staring staright out at each other awkward silence Orihime blushed and screamed*<br />
<br />
Orihime: I&#039;m so sorry I&#039;ll leave right now!<br />
*As she tried to leave she slipped on a bar of soap falling head first on Hakurone making their heads hit at the same time knocking them both out*<br />
<br />
Rangiku:Orihime are you alright I heard a sl...<br />
*As she looked inside she saw both Orihime and Hakurone on the bathroom floor*<br />
Rangiku:I knew it! *Pulls out a video recorder* Hahaha what til&#039; the captain sees this!<br />
*Then both Orihime wake up from getting hit on the head and see that Orihime is lying on top of Hakurone!*Both Scream*<br />
<br />
*Scene goes to Orihime&#039;s room as she is sitting on the edge of her bed blushing in her face.<br />
<br />
Orihime: I can&#039;t believe I was on top of Hakurone knocked out like that what is wrong with me I should have knocked on the door first!<br />
<br />
*A knock on the door interuppted the silence in her romm*<br />
Orihime: Come in!<br />
*Hakurone had stepped in with a vase of flowers* <br />
Hakurone:I wanted to apologize after what had happened Orihime...you know today and everything!<br />
Orihime: No it&#039;s my fault for not knocking I&#039;m the one who should be sorry.<br />
*Orihime looks down blushing again*<br />
Orihime:Um...so did you know if anything happened between us in the bathroom!<br />
Hakurone: No! Thankfully!<br />
Orihime:That&#039;s a relief I wasn&#039;t ready yet!<br />
Hakurone:Me either!<br />
*As they both looked at each other leaning closer and closer in as they almost locked lips together a crash is heard outside*<br />
<br />
Grimmjow: Come out here you traitor!<br />
*A Cero is seen shooting into the room as Hakurone pushes Orihime away from the blast.<br />
<br />
Orihime:It&#039;s him the Blue haired Arrancar!<br />
Hakurone:Grimmjow!<br />
Grimmjow:Hakurone you are wanted for Betrayal against Lord Aizen and I&#039;m here to take you and the girl back to Hueco Mundo!<br />
<br />
Orihime:Hakurone, what is he talking about?<br />
*Hakurone froze as he looked up in the sky to see about 10 Menos Grandes Fly in from the whole in the sky*<br />
Orihime:HAKURONE!<br />
<br />
End of Part 4<br />
<br />
End of that OVA Episode next OVA Episode soon.

by Arrancar_Brawler1207
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 917
Property: Bleach