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Espada # -01 Part 2
Aero: Ulquiorra Sama?<br />
Ulquiorra: yes Aero<br />
Aero: Are you more powerful than lord Aizen<br />
Ulquiorra: No...<br />
Aero: Oh...<br />
(Later)<br />
Ulquiorra: Hello Kurosaki i see you&#039;re here to rescue orihime inoue<br />
Ichigo: Yes I am<br />
Ulquiorra: I can&#039;t let you do that Aizen Sama needs her<br />
Ichigo: Grr...(activate hollow powers)<br />
Ulquiorra: Aero go find Grimmjow<br />
Aero: yes sir (flash step&#039;s and grab&#039;s orihime) good luck ulquiorra sama<br />
Ichigo: ORIHIME!<br />
Ulquiorra: TIme to die Shinigami<br />
(Somewhere Else) <br />
Aero: Big brother the shinigami kurosaki is fighting Ulquiorra<br />
Grimmjow: Dammit I wanted to fight him again<br />
Aero: I did steal his girlfriend<br />
(puts orihime down)<br />
Grimmjow: Good job<br />
( A little later)<br />
(Grimmjow and Ichigo Are Fighting)<br />
Orihime: be careful ichigo<br />
Aero: My brother will kill him<br />
Orihime: no he wont ichigo will win.<br />
(Ichigo Strikes grimmjow down)<br />
Aero: Big Brother!<br />
Grimmjow: Dammit<br />
Nnoitra: your week Grimmjow (kills him)<br />
Aero: NOOOOOO!<br />

by DesertGaara55
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 911
Property: Bleach