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Espada # -01 Part 3
Where we left off:<br />
NNoitra: Your weak Grimmjow (Kills him)<br />
Aero: Nooooo!<br />
Nnoitra: hehe haha hahahahahahaha! Be happy Aero I did you a favor now your the only Grimmjow left.<br />
Ichigo: You...You Monster!<br />
Nnoitra: why thank you shinigami now your next.<br />
Ichigo: Fine by me<br />
Aero: No he&#039;s mine<br />
Ichigo: (Suprised Look) Are you sure<br />
Aero: Yeah he can&#039;t beat me<br />
NNoitra: HA! yeah right PRAY! SANTA TERESA!<br />
Aero: Wow you got uglier now let&#039;s go!<br />
(Fight)<br />
(Nnoitra stabs him)<br />
aero: dammit i might be in trouble i guess i have no choice arise...chaoso-zan...<br />
(to be continued)

by DesertGaara55
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 776
Property: Bleach