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Espada # -01 Part 6
where we left off:<br />
Toshirou: I&#039;m bac- ARRANCAR!<br />
Aero: Uh-Oh no wait<br />
Toshirou: ROAR HYORI-<br />
Orihime: STOP IT!!!<br />
Aero: O_o<br />
Toshirou: O_o why he&#039;s an arran-<br />
Orihime:No he&#039;s an ally now<br />
toshirou: .....fine...<br />
Aero: phew! that was close<br />
Rangiku: Hey captain where you been <br />
( SHE DRUNK! ) want some sake<br />
Aero: why is she standing over me? (MEGA BLUSH) ( her boobs are dangling in front of my face)<br />
Toshirou: shut up rangiku<br />
Rangiku: (blacks out)<br />
Aero: light weight where do i sleep?<br />
Orihime: oh yeah i forgot you can sleep in my room i can bunk with rangiku <br />
Aero: ok<br />
( later when everyone is asleep)<br />
Aero:....no..no...noooooo....Aaah!(wakes up)<br />
(walks outside and sits on the porch) <br />
Orihime: what are you doing up so late?<br />
Aero: Nothing ijust came outside to get so-<br />
Orihime: (kisses him)<br />
Aero: O///O<br />
Orihime: sorry i just felt like i neede-<br />
Aero: (kisses her back)<br />

by DesertGaara55
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 888
Property: Bleach