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Ichigo Love Story Part 2
I pointed at the guys then walked back to where I was sweeping. Maybe this time I’ll get to sweep. As I started sweeping I heard, some mumbling then Kisuke call my name. I threw the broom down and stomped over to them.<br />
Kana: WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM!!! You tell me to sweep then you keep interrupting me!!!<br />
???2: For someone who works I would think you’d be happy to get out of it.<br />
Kana: Well if I don’t sweep it, I don’t get paid.<br />
Urahara: Kana you have the rest of the day off.<br />
Kana: Yes!!! Do I get paid?<br />
Urahara: Half pay.<br />
Kana: Damn.<br />
Urahara: Have a nice day now.<br />
He walked back into the back.<br />
???: I’m Renji Abarai from squad six. I have come to bring you to our captain.<br />
Kana: I’m Kana Oka and ok. Who are you?<br />
???2: I’m Ichigo Kurosaki and I’m accompanying Renji to get you.<br />
Kana: Nice to meet you both. * hold out hands* (under breath) I think.<br />
Ichigo: What did you say!!<br />
Kana: I said nice to meet you both and when someone holds out their hands you’re suppose to shake them.<br />
Both of them shook my hands.<br />
Renji: We need to go.<br />
Kana: Whatever you say.<br />
Renji and Ichigo both started walking to the door as I ran and jumped on Ichigo’s back.<br />
Ichigo: What the hell are you doing!!! You little brat!!<br />
Kana: I’m making you carry me silly. What does it look like I’m doing.<br />
Ichigo: Um…<br />
Kana: Take me to your leader dead people!! *points forward*<br />
Ichigo: I’m not dead!<br />
Kana: Oh. Could have fooled me. Wait then why are you here.<br />
Ichigo: How am I supposed to know.<br />
Renji: He’s assisting me.<br />
Kana: Whatever.<br />
As Ichigo walked through the halls with me on his back I carefully got off and snuck away to the Ramen Shoppe we passed a few moments ago. I was standing at the window when I heard Ichigo and Renji freaking out about how they lost me.<br />
Ichigo: She must be like really light and just floated away!<br />
Renji: Ichigo! You’re exactly right!<br />
I turned around and looked at them.<br />
Kana: I’m over here!!<br />
They both looked at each other then ran over to me.<br />
Ichigo: What the hell is your problem! Don’t sneak off like that!<br />
Kana: Ok fine!<br />
Renji: Let’s get going.<br />
Kana: Renji, why were you sent?<br />
Renji: As the lieutenant of squad six the captain sent me to retrieve you. <br />
Kana: Oh, great, now I sound like an item.<br />
Renji: Anyway let’s go.<br />
Kana: But I hungry.<br />
Ichigo walked over to me and picked me up. (Bridal style) <br />
Ichigo: I’ll feed you later. (Random person in the back: Whoo!) Renji let’s go!<br />
Renji: Right!<br />
All three of us returned to the Soul Society. I didn’t really have a clue where we were but… Soon we reached a section with the number 6 at the entrance. I figured this was the 6th division. As they continued to walk and Ichigo continued to carry me we came to a tall man with black hair that looked really important. He turned around and looked at Renji as Ichigo put me down. I was a little frightened at the man so out of instinct I grabbed Ichigo’s wrist.<br />
???: Welcome back Renji.<br />
Renji: Captain Kuchiki this is her.<br />
He looked at me.<br />
???: I will be your captain for as long as you’re in squad 6. I am Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.<br />
Kana: Um…hi… (Still holding Ichigo’s wrist) I’m Kana Oka.<br />
Renji: Captain, are you going to test her?<br />
Byakuya: Yes I will do that now.<br />
He turned and walked down to a giant field bellow.<br />
Renji: Go.<br />
I hesitated and continued to stand there. (Still holding on to Ichigo’s wrist) <br />
Ichigo: Go!<br />
Kana: Fine…

by Ichilover22
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,963
Property: Bleach