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Ichigo Love Story Part 3
I walked over to the ledgy thing and jumped over it. I landed on my feet in the field.<br />
Byakuya: Can you weild the zanpakuto that lies on your back.<br />
Kana: I think so.<br />
Byakuya: Then come.<br />
He drew his sword and came at me. <br />
I didn’t understand what was going on. For a second he stood in front of me and then he flash stepped. Flash step is a secret technique only soul reapers now about. Suddenly I felt a cold slash of metal on my back then the warm spilling of my blood that ran over my wound. I fell to the ground. I could feel the intensity of the battle grow with Renji and Ichigo staring in amazement. I slowly forced myself off the ground. I grabbed my sword preparing to release it.<br />
Kana: Dance Sayuri. *drew the sword* <br />
As I drew my sword the sharp thin steel blade transformed into 1000 razor sharp flowers which soared around Captain Kuchiki until they pierced his skin. He dodged most of them but some of them still hit him. Slowly the flowers reassembled into the thin sword it once was.<br />
Byakuya: That’s enough for now. Needs work but ok.<br />
As we reached the top where we were before I could feel my body getting weaker and weaker.<br />
Byakuya: You may return to the World of the Living. You’ll start your training tomorrow.<br />
Captain Kuchiki opened the door to the World of the Living. <br />
Byakuya: Renji you can go back later.<br />
Renji: See you later Ichigo.<br />
Ichigo turned towards me.<br />
Ichigo: Coming?<br />
Kana: Um.<br />
Ichigo: Come on. I’ll carry you.<br />
Kana: Thanks.<br />
He came over to me and picked me up.<br />
Ichigo: Let’s go get you healed. <br />
He walked through the doory-thingy and we re-entered the World of the Living. I grew colder and colder but the warmth of Ichigo’s body kept mine from turning numb.<br />
I can’t believe he’s doing all this for me especially since he just met me. Suddenly we entered a building I think it was Urahara’s shop.<br />
Ichigo: Hey you alive back there?<br />
Kana: Ha considering I’m already dead. (Weak)<br />
Ichigo: I’m gonna have Orihime help.<br />
Kana: I met her earlier. She couldn’t find a first aid kit.<br />
Ichigo: Sounds about right.<br />
We entered the back room of Urahara’s shop and Ichigo put me down on a mat. Suddenly I heard a set of footsteps enter the room.<br />
Orihime: What seems to be the problem Ichigo?<br />
Ichigo: Could you help her?

by Ichilover22
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 986
Property: Bleach