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Ichigo Love Story Part 4
Orihime: Um ya. *knelt down besides Kana* It’ll only take a minute. *healed Kana (or whatever she does) * <br />
I don’t know what exactly she did but I started regaining feeling and body warmth. She stood back up. I noticed I didn’t feel any pain at all and I was completely fine.<br />
Orihime: What are you going to do now?<br />
Ichigo: I don’t know…<br />
I sat up and looked at him. I probably had a look of amazement on my face. I feel no pain what so ever except for the random throbs from my hungry stomach. I heard footsteps outside the door shortly before Kisuke entered.<br />
Urahara: Why Kana I didn’t plan on seeing your again today.<br />
Kana: It’s not that thrilling for me either. *crosses arms and looks at Ichigo*<br />
Ichigo: What? Why you looking at me?<br />
Kana: I don’t -<br />
Ichigo: Well we better go. My dad is probably worried about me. *stood up*<br />
Coming?<br />
Kana: Who me? *points towards her*<br />
Ichigo: Who else would I be talking to!<br />
Kana: Orihime? *look down* Could you come by the store tomorrow? I have something for you…<br />
Orihime: Um… Ya sure Kana! *smile*<br />
Ichigo: Thanks again Orihime! <br />
Orihime: No problem.<br />
Ichigo walked over to me and held out his hand. I sat there and looked at him for a second.<br />
Ichigo: Com’mon lets go.<br />
I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. From there we continued to an unknown place. Well to me anyway. We were walking out of the mall when I stopped at the sight of the bridge. I wonder what it would look like from on top of the bridge. I stared contently at the beauty of the river and the bridge then suddenly I felt a hand placed on my shoulder. I looked back to see Ichigo.<br />
Ichigo: Do you want to see it from there?<br />
Kana: Ya.<br />
He “flew” onto the air and did a head motion thing. I followed. We soared through the air with the wind whipping at our faces. I love every minute of it! The wind, the view, the sky. No word could ever describe the way I feel. Soon we arrived at the top of the cold metal bridge. Well, close to the top. It was indescribable once again. <br />
Kana: Ichigo?<br />
Ichigo: Ya?<br />
Kana: Can I ask you something?<br />
Ichigo: Sure.<br />
Kana: If you’re not dead then how are you a soul reaper?<br />
Ichigo: *sigh* It was a while ago. I was attacked by a hollow because of my high spiritual pressure. It endangered my family. Rukia came to destroy it but in the making she was seriously injured. I agreed to take on the duties of a soul reaper to protect my family. So she preformed the konso and I became a soul reaper.<br />
Kana: Who’s Rukia?<br />
Ichigo: Oh that’s right you don’t know Rukia. Rukia Kuchiki, Byakuya’s sister.<br />
Kana: Oh. I want to meet her. <br />
Ichigo: You will eventually.<br />
Suddenly my stomach growled again this time it sound like it could take down a building.<br />
Ichigo: You’re still hungry?<br />
Kana: Um… ya… well I haven’t eaten yet.<br />
Ichigo: Come on.<br />
Kana: Do I have to?<br />
Ichigo: Unless you don’t want to eat then yes.<br />
Kana: Fine.<br />
Ichigo: Just follow me.

by Ichilover22
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,373
Property: Bleach