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Ichigo Love Story Part 7
Kana: Where do you want me to put these? *held out clothes*<br />
Ichigo: Just put them next to my hamper by the dresser.<br />
Kana: Ok.<br />
She stepped on and off of the mattress and put her clothes next to the hamper.<br />
Kana: I guess I’m sleeping in here then.<br />
Ichigo: Ya.<br />
Kana: Well, then…*flopped backwards onto bed* might as well get comfortable then.<br />
She actually didn’t mind wearing my boxers or my clothes altogether. She laid there looking at my ceiling. Her almost dry hair laid gently over her stomach sliding off her sides and onto the bed but now some was in a ponytail. I sat on my bed and watched her until I heard her stomach let out a loud yelp of pain from being hungry. After that Yuzu walked in with two trays of food.<br />
Ichigo: Just in time.<br />
I got up and relieved Yuzu of the trays. I handed one to Kana and put the other on the desk.<br />
Ichigo: Thanks Yuzu.<br />
Yuzu: Welcome Ichigo.<br />
As she left I shut the door.<br />
Kana: Wow! Looks great! *started eating*<br />
I sat down at my desk and started eating as well but slower. As I finished I looked over to see if Kana was finished sense she started before me. When I looked over there I saw that her tray was empty and she fell asleep. She must have really been tired. I grabbed my tray then walked over and got her tray. After that I went downstairs and put them in the sink. I’ll let Yuzu clean them before breakfast tomorrow. I leaned up against the sink and started thinking.<br />
I wonder if she’ll be here for school or if she’ll leave after breakfast. I walked over to the closet we kept all our extra blankets in to get one for Kana. I grabbed a black comforter that was mine before I got my blue one and a thin soft tan one. I went back upstairs carrying the two blankets over my shoulder. When I reached my room I noticed she rolled on her side and was curled in a ball. She had her hands in front of her face which I could barely see because her hair shrouded it. I walked over to her and covered her up with my old black comforter first then put then tan one over that. She rolled slightly onto her back and pulled the blanket over her head. I laid down on my bed and buried myself in my current blankets. I quickly shut off the lights. The last thing I could remember thinking of was the chaotic day I had just experienced.<br />
<br />
Kana’s Pov<br />
I was running through a dark forest and suddenly tripped on a giant tree route. I felt thousands of blades penetrating my skin with the thick spill of my blood drenching the wounds. At least three men were standing in front of me. From what I could see the three men looked like former captain 3, Gin Ichimaru, former captain 5, Sosuke Aizen, and former captain 9, Kaname Tosen. Then again it was dark and my vision started getting fuzzy from lack of blood. The one that looked Aizen stabbed my stomach and I spat up blood as I hurled over in pain…<br />
<br />
I woke up… I looked at the clock on Ichigo’s desk. It said it 5:30 a.m. I got up quietly and snuck out his door. The house was quiet. So quiet I think I could hear Ichigo’s dad snoring from down the hall. I crept down the stairs and slipped on my shoes. I left the house and continued on my way. About fifteen minutes later I arrived at Kisuke’s shop. I slipped off my shoes and entered the shop. After I closed the door I was greeted by Uhruru, Tense, the little red head boy (I never learned his name) and Kisuke himself.<br />
Kana: Good morning.<br />
Kisuke: Isn’t early for you to be here?<br />
Kana: Actually I came here for some soul candy.<br />
Kisuke: Ah! Good timing we just got a fresh shipment of them.

by Ichilover22
Written: 4 years ago
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Property: Bleach