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Ichigo Love Story Part 8
He walked into the inventory and came up with one of the soul dispensers. He handed it to me.<br />
Kisuke: Remember to be back and three.<br />
Kana: Could you hold on to my gigai until I get back?<br />
Kisuke: I don’t see why not and make sure your not wearing that when you come back.<br />
Kana: Ok. *took candy* See you later!<br />
I left and opened the door to the Soul Society. As I walked through the door an image of Captain Kuchiki came into view.<br />
Byakuya: You’ve returned.<br />
Kana: Ya.<br />
Byakuya: Let’s begin. <br />
He led me down into the one opened room that we fought before. But this time there were punching bags, weight lifts, obstacle courses, running laps, and bunch more stuff.<br />
Byakuya: I want you to train here.<br />
Kana: For how long?!<br />
Byakuya: Until I let you go back to the World of the Living tonight.<br />
Kana: Fine.<br />
He walked away probably to his quarters. I walked over to one of the punching bags. I lightly hit it to see how hard it was going to be. I can tell you now that I have a lot of work to do. I started to train I hit two times with my right hand and two times with my left. I continued to do so until my hands got numb. It was really hard! I jogged over to the weight lifts and tried them out. I started with 20lbs. This was easier. I lifted weights until the sun was fully up. When I stopped I had no problem with lifting at least 75lbs. Next I decided to run laps. To tell you the truth I really like running. I at least ran 7-10 laps before giving up. I wonder what Ichigo’s doing?<br />
Ichigo’s Pov<br />
Suddenly I heard my alarm go off and I instantly knew what time it had grown to be. It was 8:20 and time to get ready for school. I sat up and swung my feet off the bed and on to my carpeted floor. I opened my eyes and seen that Kana was gone. She must have went to Kisuke’s after all. I don’t see want the hell her problem is. Hey! She still has my clothes. I looked over to the hamper, and apparently I still had hers. I got up and walked over to my dresser and got dressed in my uniform for school. I went downstairs and sat at the table. Yuzu gave me a plate and we all started eating.<br />
Yuzu: Where’s Kana Ichigo?<br />
Ichigo: I don’t know. I think she went to go some of her stuff.<br />
Yuzu: Oh ok.<br />
Suddenly my dad kicked me in the face.<br />
Dad: Ha! I knew you couldn’t keep a girl her all night. Let alone stay here longer than a day.<br />
Ichigo: *stood up and punched him in the face* You wanna bet!<br />
Dad: Ya!<br />
Karin: Sit down you to.<br />
Ichigo and Dad: *sat down* Huh!<br />
After breakfast I grabbed my bag and went to school. Soon after I arrived Keigo walked up to me.<br />
Keigo: Ichigo! How was your night?<br />
Ichigo: Hey Keigo. It was very complicated.<br />
I walked into the class room and met up with Orihime, Uryu, Chad, and Rukia.<br />
Orihime: How are you today Ichigo? Where’s Kana?<br />
Ichigo: Good. I think she went back to Kisuke’s last night.<br />
Rukia: Who’s Kana?<br />
Ichigo: She’s the new member of squad 6 that Renji was talking about. He drug me along to get her.<br />
Rukia: Oh.<br />
Teacher: Okay class let’s get started.<br />
Everyone sat down in their seats. Ms. started her boring class. I wonder where Kana is and what she’s doing right now?

by Ichilover22
Written: 4 years ago
Views: 1,360
Property: Bleach