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Bleach Polls
Question Author Responses
will ichigos dad kick aizen buut bankaikempachi 39
who is the cutest soul reaper among the girls? mrhu91081 68
who is your favourite gotei 13 captain ? mrhu91081 49
azien isthe keyto openingthe gateto theking, soGin wasalways wasthe oneto killthe soulking robby_bains 23
do you think that yamamoto is dead? mbuz 46
who will win zero5425 44
Who would win zero5425 23
Is Ichimaru Gin incredibility awesome(besides being evil) ? lieutenantmegan 52
who is awsomer? toshiro_hitsugaya 36
will unohana ever get in to a fight redbonesix 42
Apart from Yamamoto and Aizen,who is strongest here lvkm 85
where there b any more bleach games for the united states market redbonesix 14
who would win redbonesix 31
Ichigo put his mask in front of aizen what will happen now? mbuz 34
Who is tired off all these gay polls bout who ichigo loves? zanium 57
who would win redbonesix 49
who would win redbonesix 34
Yama-jii is beast Uchiha_Sasuke725 29
whos bankai is better toshirohitsugaya10 89
after beating WW , who will beat aizen now? mbuz 61
who would win redbonesix 38
has toshiro's powers fully developed redbonesix 46
Is the all powerful Aizen making you lose interest in Bleach dmitc 71
WW vs Yamamoto ? mbuz 48
Is Isshin The Taichou of Zero Squad? KramNorab 64
is toshiro awsome? Qutep0p 25
What will happen to Aizen? hunterrox 46
who is sick of having almost 7 months of filler? the1shadoworochimaru 64
Do you think that Uryu is weird and nerdy? ishidafan 20
Who is stronger?,Orihime or Rukia ishidafan 40
What's the best Shonen? mbuz 41
Anyone else annoyed with these FILLERS? dduhden 31
what is Yamamoto doing while Aizen is cutting evereyone mute1 32
Is Urahara strong enough to compare with Aizen mute1 51
Do you think that Ichigo will die fighting Aizen? Arkrai 31
if we dont see every captains bankai will u b pissed off redbonesix 55
Do you think aizen should just go somewhere and die? destroyer101 27
if u go back to the first episode(2,3) how great do u think his power was? lieutenantmegan 40
Which guy is a perfect match for Orihime ishidafan 48
Kenpachi Or Superman. egonzalez 42
who is better ulquiorra or grimmjow? mangaholic123 27
Who the hell can beat AIZEN? mbuz 27
Gin is behind Everything and will kill azien and proceed with his own plan robby_bains 46
Do you think that even Yamamoto can't resist Aizen's hypnosis mute1 22
Is Urahara strong enough to equaly fight against Aizen mute1 35
if we dont c aizens bankai will u b pissed of redbonesix 43
wich zanpaku-to is stronger raito67 117
In the chap 391's last page, is it really aizen or an illusion? mbuz 55
If Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni was to die, who would become Captain Commander? RichardRosewall 113
do you think bleach loses it's fans because of this non-stop fillers mute1 94
IF Naruto or Bleach was owned by Disney what would happen? NarutoManiac9538 84
Which character pisses you off the most? NarutoManiac9538 106
Who is stronger Aizen or Kenpachi? egonzalez 88
who's better? pigingy 62
Will the Aizen Arc be the last Bleach Arc? asmileXD 110
Is omaeda really qulified to be lieutenant of the 2nd squad? mbuz 52
Who Kills Yammy? Chadb9486 51
Is ukitake preparing a plan for beating aizen? marwenuz 38
will ichimaru fight toshiro after he release his bankai? marwenuz 28

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