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Bleach Polls
Question Author Responses
How old do you think yamamoto is ?? zangetsu900 73
Wich espada do you like zangetsu900 74
Does ichigos 2nd hollow level look like ulqiorras resureccion ??? zangetsu900 63
who does ichigo love michaell 119
What kind of hollow level does ichigo have? datazero 128
Which you moving technique do you like? Shinigami_Dude202 76
ichigo vs kisame bankaikempachi 64
Which is the coolest tensa zangetsu atttack ability? Shinigami_Dude202 90
What do you think bleach fade to black after you seen it? Shinigami_Dude202 61
Do you think that Halibel and Neliel are sisters? ObitoUchia 72
Does anybody wanna see a bleach game that looks like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm? alstar 68
The best fight ever is.. ste6183 100
who thinks zaraki hasn't shown all his powers and skills yet mute1 89
Will Ichigo get caught in Aizen's shikai? darkjam 56
Who is stronger? Itachi or Ichigo Shiro728 82
Who will eventually kill Aizen? darkjam 71
Will Yammy get killed? darkjam 42
should Orihime be stronger tre555 55
should we let Hiyori die? ste6183 39
how many stages do you think a bankai has? zangetsu900 67
Do you think Byakuya will die? bleach102 36
NOW THAT ZARAKI KENPACHI is back, Where was he? dipfriend 60
who is stronger Sheogorath 106
Is it better to cut this episodes and go back to the main story?? XxToushirouxX 85
What do you guys think Naruto or Bleach PogoMan 97
WHO IS STRONGER? dipfriend 134
All I can say is, "holy crap!!!" at Ichigo in the new manga! AkatsukiMadara 94
do you think that the vice-captains who are vaizards have bankai now ? zangetsu900 80
who has the stronger zanpakuto zangetsu127 117
Is Gin stronger than he looks? AkatsukiMadara 91
Does Aizen have hollow powers? ashkan12 97
with aizens absolute hypnosis it's practicly imposible to beat him.who will beat him mute1 110
Who thinks Gin Ichimaru is stronger than he looks? AkatsukiMadara 88
Is Wonderwise is the most powerful arrancar?? copet123 77
What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord? AlternateKyon 64
do you think rukia will ever use bankai? shikamarunara01209 123
Is wonderweiss awesome? tren 59
is hollow ichigo stronger then aizen Hollow45Ichigo 111
do u think aizan can become a vizard like ichigo and formar soul repers? sadiqdude 80
do u think aizen has another army that are stronger than the espada ? jessenourk 134
what do you think would be a more interesting crossover ObitoUchia 92
Who Do You Think Stabed Starrk In The Back? bashoot 91
Who Do You Think Stabed Starrk In The Back? bashoot 42
How would u rate the fight between Ichigo and captain Amagai? Shinigami_Dude202 58
Don't you think if stark died with a shinki? jessenourk 43
Do you think Ichigo will be able to take control of his 2nd hollowfication release? Shinigami_Dude202 101
What do u think of Ichigo 2nd hollowification form in chapter 350 of the manga? Shinigami_Dude202 101
do you think that there sould be a crossover of bleach and naruto? please comment ObitoUchia 94
where the heck is zaraki and yama yii mute1 69
What Bleach Movie Is The Best? XxToushirouxX 84
What is more annoying? ObitoUchia 88
Do you think Urahara and Yoruichi will be fighting Yammy in hueco mundo? Sinzoe 101
You Think The Primera Espada Should Die?? redhead_kunoichi 87
What is more annoying about bleach? Jerrik 108
who was the one who stabed stark from behind in chapter 373 mute1 69
who will win hhoollooww 72
Who is your favorite Espada sambomatic 159
(in the manga) rose vs. starrk battle is intense! who will win? mmdchunin 63
Aizen is so powerfull, could he also be a Vaizard? VegetaSSJ4 137
Do you think that ichigos father was part of the royal gaurd? ObitoUchia 128

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