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Bleach Polls
Question Author Responses
Ichigo's sword is currently in shikai state, will it ever change back? whytboi0001 129
Is ichigo fit to become a captain whytboi0001 153
Who You think should become a captain whytboi0001 124
Is hitsugaya weak? whytboi0001 111
Why did aizen betray the soul society? whytboi0001 104
does Ichimaru really love matsumoto? whytboi0001 86
Will urahara end up in a relationship with Yoruichi whytboi0001 100
Is Bleach better than Naruto whytboi0001 135
I want to see what happend that made the vizard vizard even if it means another filler! Shintarou 56
Are You Angry At people saying the vizard don't have shikai when they clearly do? Shintarou 92
will kenpachi ever achive shikai or an actual zanpaktou? Shintarou 146
Should extra protection squads be allocated for the Vizard? Shintarou 48
Who will ichigo go out with in the end? Shintarou 131
I would prefer to go to the soul society or huco mundo more than heaven or hell? Shintarou 70
Will we ever see rangiku fully nude in bleach? Shintarou 127
Will the Vizard be allowed to return to the soul society?? Shintarou 87
Can aizen kill everyone in the naruto shippuden manga and anime with out using his sword whytboi0001 125
What do you think who is the new girl appeared with that animal? om1987 97
Will the Vizards win? EzoAkatsuki 74
what fight do u wish to happen Arikiha_17. 112
Who Will Kill Aizen? Shintarou 175
Is Bleach better than Naruto!? Bleachfan713 150
Will Stark Die? EzoAkatsuki 70
do you think ukitake or Kyouraku will release their bankai soon? Kakashiofsharingan 137
Who is stronger? jessenourk 114
Whos bankai do you want to see most ? think about it the1shadoworochimaru 164
should they start airing 2 Bleach episodes a week mute1 120
Do u think Shunsui(8th dev captain) resembels Ichigo's father? xMadyax 125
Is Ukitake a Arrancar? EzoAkatsuki 135
What do you of BLEACH overall Naruto6kage 102
FINALLY, which espada has the coolest resurrection? sambomatic 212
How do you think that Ichigo and Aizen will fight narutopgr 97
Do you Think Espada 2 and 3 had died and they don't have a second Form? jessenourk 130
do you think shunsui has a bankai even though it appers he dosen't mmdchunin 117
Will Bleach: Fade to Balck come out? dieselfuel6 78
Whose bankai are you most anxious to see? sambomatic 223
Which Espada Has The COOLEST Resurrection? jinchuuriki1312 151
who is stronger ichigo or toshiro(capt. 10 squad) suigetsurules101 117
Will soi fon beat espada 2 Sinzoe 79
What will happen after the Aizen/Espada Arc? VegetaSSJ4 153
do you want to see unohana of the 4th division fight for once digit03 119
so whats going happen to Rukia and others darkto 94
Who is your favorite female shinigami (Exiled or not) ? Tsunami_Uchiha_San 200
Will Soi Fons Ban-ki slow her down in her fight against Barragan? EzoAkatsuki 73
will we see all the bankai's of all the captains in the manga and/or anime? pogiphilip 126
what type of bankai does soi fon have? hiphopbunny333 143
If ichigo fights aizen do you think he will go to hollow form like he did with Ulquorria? lightning_blade554 174
Who is stronger Naruto in 9 tailed or Ichigo in full hollow form? lightning_blade554 252
Wil Hollow Ichigo return?? copet123 121
would you like it if yammy apears to be the strongest espada? jessenourk 151
captain vs captain. Which one would you rather see? sambomatic 210
who is the hottest espada? jessenourk 138
Will the Vice Captain of the Second Squad Die in the next Chapter? EzoAkatsuki 104
In a fight it to the death who will win?: Gotei 13 or Akatsuki (with all its members) JonathanCEL91 192
Will Soi Fon become a rotten skeleton from Barragan's Resuection Form? EzoAkatsuki 101
Will Nel come back 1DaL 106
who do you think got the most dramatic death in the espada? jessenourk 149
Who is sexier? SlingshotMoon 228
do u think Tōsen and gin are stronger then the espada? jessenourk 171
who's the strongest espada? copet123 160