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Bleach Polls
Question Author Responses
Do you think Rukia will use banki? jessenourk 141
Will we see Urahara's Bankai soon? ollazon 177
Whose bankai would you use to fight off a horde of zombies? Mayuri_Kurotsuchi 209
was kukaku shiba a captain before she lost an arm?? sg2006 104
who do you think will make out? mXXX 115
who do you think would win in a three way fight ? the1shadoworochimaru 153
who do you think is the best bleach character avmoney 150
Will Hitsugaya Die? Mustreb 131
Do you think Grimmjow will turn Good, and help Ichigo? daluxson 131
which manga is better, naruto or bleach? mazen3462 154
who will fight aizen narutopgr 178
Which espada has the coolest resurrection (So far) sambomatic 155
Who has the best Bankai? Tropic-Vaizard 272
Do you prefer the Manga or Anime? Tropic-Vaizard 93
Who do you think is weakest of the most recent captains? the1shadoworochimaru 211
If Ichigo becomes a captain, which squad should he take over? hiphopbunny333 187
did hitsugia, lose an arm? sada001 107
what will happen after he beats aizen koolmerlin 134
Which mask does Ichigo keep. bipolarShinobi 168
Who would win in a fight between Hollowfied Ichigo and Sage/Demon Naruto? bipolarShinobi 214
Is it possible that Isshin (Ichigo's Dad) is from squad 11? Ryobakou3 197
What do u think Ichigo's new hollow form animal is? (not the lizard from b4) KogasAri 148
Do u think Ichigo's inner hollow became a Vasto Lorde? KogasAri 205
doyou think theking of soulsocietylookexactlylikeichigo,maybeeventhe innerhollow weveseen? robby_bains 111
What do you think is cooler (Anime) Bleach or Naruto superjose 116
Do you think Ulquiorra is the real one behind this? superjose 143
Will Ichigo Beat Aizen? Sinzoe 123
do you think inoue will Bring back Ulquiorra to life ? KiraO2 138
Itchgo's Father is the strongest shinigami Sinzoe 242
Who is the hottest? jessenourk 93
weakest capitan is suifon sayax3 149
weakest capitan is zaraki sayax3 252
Who is your Hero??? (girls only) Xiao97 83
Whos most manly? mepsaxnun 97
Who's Cooler? Average-Nick 157
Who is the hottest? *for girls* Sk8erperson9 107
Who should be the one to kill Aizen? alchemist4533 201
who's your favorite espada bankai54123 189
What is Ichigo? slayfeer 200
What squad would you like to be in? ledoux10 155
Who would win in a free for all? ledoux10 135
Do u think Ulquiorra Schiffer Love Inoue Orihime ? sayax3 126
Do you think that Ichigo's new level should be white or black themed? judoka1028 187
is gin going too use is bankai adamlionheart 131
which is the weakest zanpakto sayax3 218
do you think that suifon gonna use her bankai? sayax3 108
There is a third way of liberating the zanpakuto? aetcheverre 140
is grimmjow dead demarat 154
will the vizard help all the captains at karakura town??? yuriyukikaze 204
will Grimmjow help ichigo for the next fight??? yuriyukikaze 109
do u think uliqurra loves inoue and want her to stay. neilel 167
Why do you think Ichigo has a different hollow mask? antman841 214
did it look like uryu lose a hand? sada001 131
do you think ichigo will ever come back? antman841 135
who suits best with ichigo? groovyhazel 224
The ultimate question:Which is better, Naruto or Bleach? Darknight_25 209
so ya, should yammy have dided so eaisily? sada001 109
do you think bleach is pulling a yu yu hakasho true_sage 164
will ichigo use full hollow transformation koolmerlin 157