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What The .....? (Natsu's Gone)
I can't believe everyone's been gone for seven years and the series started over with a new character and plot thats so disappointing

Natsu didn't even get his dreams fulfilled and that whole Dragoneel thing what about that, been waiting so long to see a dragon and when we finally do it kills everyone.

If they do return will they be able to see everyone from Fairly Tale?

by xaioque
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Fairy Tail

Blog Comments (5)

It sucks. Hope they bring them back do not know if ill be watching the series any more... super bumbed

Posted by Zoomaster 3 years ago

That whole issue just turned this entire arc upside down.

Why the hell would acnologia stop after that?
Dragon of the apocalypse, summoned by the evil ambition of grimoire heart leaves after destroying tenrou island... In what way are the island and the ambition tied together? If he's the dragon of the apocalypse, shouldn't he have stayed to destroy the world?

If Zeref has been "sleeping" through this era, how the hell does he know Natsu? And how could a young man be so important to an ancient wizard's disposition anyway?

Those are just a few of the questions this issue left me with.

Either way I'm sure they aren't truly gone, whatever magic they used to protect themselves just made it appear that way for 7 years.

Posted by Almightywood 3 years ago

yeah but still SEVEN WHOLE YEARS thats like going to prison and returning to see the world's changed.

That Zeref knowing Natsu has also been bugging me and apocalypses usually mean world-ending/destruction but i guess Tenru Island just pissed him off and he was satistfied once it was gone

Posted by xaioque 3 years ago

There is someone shown before the breath attack of acknowlogia. She might have something to do with what happened to Tenrou Island. And about Zeref knowing about the existence of Natsu, remember that Natsu is raised by Igneel and seems to be known as the "chosen one" to finish off Zeref. It seems to me that Zeref and Acknowlogia is either of one existence or have a strong connection so strong that he knows about Natsu(origanally, only dragons knows about Natsu chosen to kill Zeref).

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

They are back

Posted by Supernova1238 2 years ago